ALERT: Tomorrow (Jan. 26), NM House committee to hear radical abortion bill.

Tomorrow, January 26, at 8:30 am on the New Mexico House floor, the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee will consider the dangerous abortion bill, HB-51, which will expand abortion far and wide, without exception.

Each and every citizen who can come up to Santa Fe for the hearing will be allowed two (2) minutes to speak in front of the committee, and it is vital that each citizen who can attend, should.…

Willard Romney the Carpetbagger

Over the last few days, as expected, Willard (Mitt) Romney displayed his true colors as Jeff Flake’s successor to lead the Senate Crybaby Caucus, comprised of mostly Democrats and occasionally Lisa Murkowski, although she fades in and out depending on where the wind blows.…

All I want for Christmas is THE WALL

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! This past year has been amazing for America. All the things we have done this year could simply be quantified by number since there are WAY too many accomplishments to name.…

New Mexico’s Future: Based on who we elected Tuesday

WARNING: Solid truth about to be unleashed below.

The slimy Democrat party of New Mexico did exactly what they are best at this past election: flinging lies, falsehoods, and mischaracterizations at the wall and hoping they stick. Unfortunately, this election, they did.…

The mob will not win.

The “mob rule” message spawned from the Democrats in Washington has trickled its way from the mouths of Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, and Nancy Pelosi down into our local New Mexico communities. In recent weeks, vandals have taken to defacing Republican political signs, either by ripping them to shreds, slapping racist stickers displaying divisive things like “White Male Republican” on them, cutting out letters or by plowing them down with vehicles.

The Blame Game Continues

CEVELAND – As a Trump staffer; Meredith McIver has come out in admission for her wrongdoing in plagiarizing Melania Trump’s Monday convention speech, the media is beating the drum, calling for firings and for admissions that Melania did indeed plagiarize Michelle Obama’s 2008 Democratic convention speech.…

Martinez Washes Hands Clean of Trump in Cleveland

CLEVELAND – Electricity filled the room as each state announced their delegate choices for President of the United States. The camera panned across the screen, and it was time for New Mexico’s choice of who they selected as President. At the microphone stood Governor Susana Martinez, with a young Republican from Santa Fe County; Sam LeDoux.

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