All I want for Christmas is THE WALL

First of all, I would like to wish everyone a very merry Christmas! This past year has been amazing for America. All the things we have done this year could simply be quantified by number since there are WAY too many accomplishments to name.

Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, the United States’ relationship with North Korea is being repaired, wages are up, unemployment is down, the Space Force has been proposed, and the United States Senate is jam-packed with rock-solid conservatives like Marsha Blackburn and Rick Scott. Americans are finally getting over Obama’s disastrous 8-year rampage, where he compromised our safety and rammed our economy into the ground.

President Trump has held the reins tight against greedy special interests, kept his promises to cut regulations, and the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act is doing its role to sure up our economy. I would love to say I couldn’t be prouder of our country, but there is one thing stands in the way of that: the lack of a wall on our Southern border.

Voters were promised the wall, and have been patiently waiting for its construction, however, because of filthy obstructionist scum, also referred to as congressional Democrats, U.S. citizens have been deprived of safety. Democrats would much rather play political games than fix any real issues like improving infrastructure or funding the Military. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi must stop politicizing the suffering of migrants, and begin working with President Trump to stop illegal aliens from jumping our borders and sucking our economy dry.

The United States lets in over 1 million legal immigrants each year, ( 1,127,167 last year alone). Of the immigrants residing in our country today, 34.4 million lawfully reside, while 10.7 million are here illegally.

According to FAIR, the total national cost of illegal immigration bleeds our country dry of more than $116 billion every year, since illegals only pay a little over $18 billion collectively in taxes. On every level of government, be it at the state and local, or on the federal level, American taxpayers are forced to shill out thousands each year to feed, clothe and house millions of unlawful, unwanted, and unauthorized people who NEVER should have been in our country in the first place.

Forgive me if I am not sugar coating the issue enough, but in my opinion, it is absurd for Democrats to allow Americans to suffer further through a government shutdown because Chuck and Nancy don’t want to cough up a mere $5 billion to properly secure our border. The annual cost of illegal aliens in our country is 23 times the cost of President Trump’s proposal, and it would save our country hundreds of billions over time. That’s money we could use to pay off our almost $23 trillion in national debt. 

Democrat-run fake news channels like CNN and MSNBC attempt to pull at people’s heartstrings by telling them that the “poor little, undocumented workers” need our help, but these people are not undocumented workers. Calling them that is like referring to a drug dealer as a pharmacist or a bruja as a board-certified physician (caultron and all). Personally, I am sick and tired of the media capitalizing on migrant suffering to further their political agenda, and it is about time we start looking after our veterans and legal citizens first.  

We must build the wall, and it shuold grow higher each time Democrats obstruct its construction, be that in Congress or anywhere else. Americans are tired of being nice about it, and getting nowhere. The wall is going up, government shutdown or not. Without a border, we are not a country.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas, and the best of luck in the year to come. 2019 is going to be YUGE (Just like our big, beautiful wall).

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