Willard Romney the Carpetbagger

Over the last few days, as expected, Willard (Mitt) Romney displayed his true colors as Jeff Flake’s successor to lead the Senate Crybaby Caucus, comprised of mostly Democrats and occasionally Lisa Murkowski, although she fades in and out depending on where the wind blows. As the now-junior senator from Utah, Willard Romney is following his father’s carpetbagging ways since good ol’ George Romney, the original opportunistic, foot-in-mouth obstructionist taught Willard everything he knows.

George Romney was the former governor of Michigan and the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He was born in Mexico, then moved to Utah to later up and leave for Detroit, where his political ambitions could be realized. George became governor only to try and run for president, but fail in the primary to the legendary Arizona Senator Barry Goldwater, then to Richard Nixon, who would end up as the nation’s commander in chief. George was neither charismatic nor articulate, much like his son, which in the end brought his presidential dreams down faster than you can say “carpetbagger.”

It is no wonder Willard Romney has been so idiotically anti-Trump. His father has been grooming him for this for decades. George Romney spurred against the leaders of his party back in the day, such as in 1964 when he said Barry Goldwater’s nomination as the GOP presidential nominee would be “suicidal,” and in 1968, when he stubbornly refused to release his delegates to Richard Nixon, embarrassing himself when he finished in 5th place at the convention. George dissented every chance he could at the strong conservative leaders in his party, with a penchant to take them down with everything he could, even when Nixon was kind enough to appoint him as HUD Secretary.

Just like his father, Willard Romney shot himself in the foot repeatedly and jumped from state to state desperate to cling onto power. Willard Romney was one of the weakest candidates the Republican party put forth in party history, much like John McCain (another carpetbagger) in 2008, both of which lacked the slightest amount of likeability. He complimented Senator Obama the entire campaign and was brought down by his sad ground game, and misogynistic message, which we all will come to remember as his “binders full of women.”

After he failed as a presidential candidate, he went into hiding, much like Hillary Clinton who now exists in the woods of Chappaqua searching for Bigfoot, but he lived in Massachusetts, where he had previously been governor. That was the case until Utah’s Orrin Hatch announced his retirement from the Senate, and Romney swiftly changed his location from Massachusetts to Holladay Utah, and ran for Senate in the Salt Lake State, fulfilling his father’s carpetbagging prophecy.

Because of his name recognition, naturally the people of Utah gravitated towards him, even though he hadn’t lived in the state since going to college at BYU, and his opponent, Dr. Mike Kennedy was a native of the state, and a much better fit, (since after all isn’t a Representative or a Senator supposed to actually represent their constituents?) Romney won, and is now senator.

This entire time Romney was running for offices and looking for opportunities, Donald Trump graciously gave him his endorsement for President, considered him for the Secretary of State position in his cabinet, and even endorsed him in his U.S. Senate run in Utah. This entire time Trump had Romney’s back, but just as George Romney had a penchant to betray his party’s leaders, so did Willard, and that is exactly what he did.

On Jan. 1, 2019, Romney released an op-ed in the Washington Post entitled “The president shapes the public character of the nation. Trump’s character falls short,” where he blasted the president for everything from cabinet appointments to rhetorical style. This comes after Trump gave Romey chance after chance, and endorsement after endorsement to only backstab the nation’s leader. WMAL’s Larry O’Connor brought up a very good point on his Jan. 2nd radio show, asking why Romney didn’t publish his opinions in a Utah paper since, after all, he is the Senator from Utah. Why do the citizens of the Salt Lake State have to take the back seat?

Romney, just like his dishonest, sleazy father is why people voted for Trump, and stand with real conservatives in the party today. The failed presidential candidate-turned senator is not fooling anyone; he is from the swamp and is nothing better than his father, George, the carpetbagging, contrarian loser, who did nothing but try to tear the country apart.

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