The mob will not win.

The “mob rule” message spawned from the Democrats in Washington has trickled its way from the mouths of Maxine Waters, Cory Booker, and Nancy Pelosi down into our local New Mexico communities. In recent weeks, vandals have taken to defacing Republican political signs, either by ripping them to shreds, slapping racist stickers displaying divisive things like “White Male Republican” on them, cutting out letters or by plowing them down with vehicles.

I recently traveled all over our beautiful state, and what I saw was an outpouring of support for conservative candidates like Yvette Herrell for Congress, Steve Pearce for Governor, Pat Lyons for Land Commissioner, and Judge Emil Kiehne for Court of Appeals. From very conservative places like Portales and Artesia to deep blue cities like Santa Fe, Republicans were represented very well by signage on public intersections, and on private land.

Judging by my trip across the state, I got a sense that Republicans have a clear, coordinated message, and the support is there for them. Folks running for state-wide offices like Steve Pearce and Michelle Garcia Holmes have not forgotten the smallest and most essential communities in their campaign. They have remembered that people come first, and every community should contribute to their win, whether Democrat or Republican. Despite the successful grassroots efforts by GOP campaigns, the guerrilla-style call to arms by the Democrats in Washington has resulted in the mutilation of conservative signs, lies being spread about candidates, and vile threats on social media towards conservatives. The only thing the misbehavior against Republican candidates is proving is desperation of the Democrats in these final days before Election Day.

Leftist violence is exactly why myself and so many others will be voting Republican this election. We are tired of being on the receiving end of racist, sexist threats, and we are tired of tip-toeing around in fear of our friends’, or even our families’ hostility because of our beliefs. This November 6th, we will walk into the voting booth, where we will finally be free of the violence. In that booth, no amount of force or bullying can stop us from voting for our candidates. We can’t let the mob win, and I encourage every New Mexican to vote their conscience this Election Day, rain or shine, mob or no mob. It’s our right, and no one can take that away from us.

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