Wasserman Schultz Booed Off the Stage by Her Own Delegation

PHILADELPHIA – This morning, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was welcomed with a sea of boos from her home state at her first public appearance since the email scandal with Wikileaks Broke. In the crowd, there were people holding signs saying “emails” and enraged Bernie Sanders voters. She was literally booed off the stage after she repeatedly said “alright everybody now, settle down” and the crowd continued.

The backlash is proof of DWS’ failed leadership with the Democratic party, and a vast wing of the party (the Sanders voters) are not happy. Just yesterday, it was announced she would have a position on the Clinton Campaign, further validating her unethical and arguably illegal activities to steal the Democratic POTUS nomination from Sanders. If DWS’ own Florida delegation is this unhappy with her, just wait until the convention. Sanders riots in the rally are anticipated.

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