New Mexico’s Future: Based on who we elected Tuesday

WARNING: Solid truth about to be unleashed below.

The slimy Democrat party of New Mexico did exactly what they are best at this past election: flinging lies, falsehoods, and mischaracterizations at the wall and hoping they stick. Unfortunately, this election, they did.

Our state has been in a very vulnerable place these last few years, but the election of Democrats across the board on Tuesday will take decades, if not generations to fix. Some of the most corrupt, inexperienced, and misplaced people won seats, and I will break it all down right here for you:

Commissioner of Public Lands:
Stephanie Garcia Richard

Garcia Richard won the election for Commissioner of the Public Lands, and guess what? She doesn’t know a damn thing about public land, oil & gas, or anything remotely tied to energy production: the largest sector of New Mexico’s economy. Richard served as the State Representative for Los Alamos’ 43rd District and is a former educator (hence the lack of land management experience). Obviously, the voters didn’t care about her lack of relevant experience, and her insane vision including: banning fracking from getting state contracts, taxing the hell out of oil & gas producers, providing tax credits for unsustainable wind and solar, and throwing all the leftover cash in our state coffers to the failing school system. For education, she thinks throwing money at it will be the answer, instead of repealing the ineffective Common Core policies.

I am sure Garcia Richard is maniacally chortling right now over the corrupt Michelle Luján Grisham’s gubernatorial win (who I will get into later), guaranteeing that the state coffers will be emptied to fund pre-k programs the state can’t afford. And once the oil & gas industry is completely driven out of the state due to Garcia Richard’s idiotic initiatives, the coffers will have nothing in them.

As a result, Luján Grisham and Garcia Richard’s socialized pre-k programs and other social welfare projects will cease to have funding, and hundreds, if not thousands of people will be jobless due to cuts in the programs, with parents scrambling to find daycare for their kids. Not sustainable at all: Let’s call it “pre-k-gate.”

Michelle Luján Grisham (MLG)

This wretched woman has a record of being a total failure as an elected and appointed official in multiple administrations, not to mention her abysmal time in Congress. MLG has the endorsements of all the radical left-wing advocacy groups and leaders: Planned Parenthood, NARAL, Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren (Pocahontas Wannabe), and the list goes on from there.

What she will do to the state includes: Banning your guns (yep, better buy them now, since she and her minions will rip them away from you), let abortion, especially late-term run rampant in New Mexico (hence the PP and NARAL endorsements), murder the oil and gas industry with an idiotic plan to get NM to be “50% renewable by 2030,” bankrupt the state coffers with socialized “pre-k for all,” and ram what’s left of our economy into the ground by supporting higher taxes on already suffering families. Oh, and don’t forget that weed will now be legalized, and on top of the horrible number of DWI’s we have in our state, law enforcement will have to deal with all the traffic accidents and drug overdoses we will encounter when this happens. It’s almost like New Mexico is being flushed away down the largest, dirtiest, and most disgusting toilet on Earth: California. So, my fellow New Mexicans: BRACE YOURSELVES. You thought you had it bad with Susana? She was just the appetizer to this meal.

State Auditor
Brian Colón

Congrats! You finally won an election after failing at every other office you have campaigned for! The guy is a corrupt lawyer who failed to epic proportions as the Democrat party chairman, candidate for lieutenant governor, and candidate for Albuquerque mayor. The guy has shown he is a wannabe career politician, desperately running for any open office available. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s finally got a win, meaning a scary road ahead for New Mexico in the auditor’s office.

Secretary of State
Maggie Toulouse Oliver

I am sure this woman is the architect of the “uncounted ballots” in Doña Ana County that rigged Xochitl Torres Small into Congress, and she is a sad excuse for a Secretary of State. She tried to get straight-party-voting back into the state, and the Supreme Court stopped her, ruling it unconstitutional. She also has registered dogs, dead people, and illegal aliens to the voter rolls, and she has just gotten started. We now have four more years of corrupt elections and more Democrats in office due to her election meddling. I never thought I’d say this, but I think I am starting to miss Mary Herrera.

U.S. Representative, 1st Congressional District
Debra Haaland

Now, this one is fun. Haaland is a former Democrat party chairwoman, failed gubernatorial & lieutenant gubernatorial candidate, much like Brian Colon (you see the pattern?), and former tribal administrator for San Felipe Pueblo. She screwed over her pueblo as administrator and thinks New Mexico needs to be at “100% renewable energy,” probably one of the most hilarious things I have ever heard in my life.

Her endorsements by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, the Congressional Black Caucus (no idea why that happened), Barack Hussein Obama, failed congressional candidate Patrick Davis, who ran on the “I’m gay, vote for me” and “F*ck Trump” message, not to mention countless other dyed-in-the-wool radicals shows you how crazy this woman is. The reason people voted for her is because her entire campaign message was “I’ll be the first Native American in Congress.” If that is the sole reason to vote for someone, I could name you countless Native Americans other than her that we could have chosen and should have chosen. It’s a disgrace that this woman won, and I fear for the people of Albuquerque to have her represent them in Congress. *You should have just had a chill run through your spine right about now.*

U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District
Xochitl Torres-Small (XTS)

This vile creature, who rigged the election with “uncounted ballots” in Doña Ana County is a disgrace to people everywhere in the state. XTS worked for Planned Parenthood, helping them to kill children in the womb, she worked for Tom Udall, and lately, she has been a community organizer (aka “water rights lawyer”). She’s married to NM Representative Nathan Small, the guy who stole the well-respected Andy Nunez’ seat. The woman stinks with corruption, and is a total leftie puppet, as are most of the other candidates who won. She stole the election (quite literally) from Yvette Herrell and will be a disgrace to New Mexico in Congress, along with the rest of the sad delegation.

U.S. Representative, 3rd Congressional District
Ben Ray Luján

Now, this guy didn’t even show up to campaign in New Mexico, even on election day. He was too busy kissing up to Nancy Pelosi for an assistant majority leader job. The sad thing is that even though he never steps foot on New Mexico soil, except to shoot campaign ads with his mom, people in Northern New Mexico keep voting for him. I still don’t get it. The guy never had any experience, and he was propped up by his late father to run for PRC, then later U.S. Rep. Before running for office, the guy was a croupier. That’s the world-class experience he brings to the table: throwing around cards in the casino. What a total joke.

The rest of the candidates that won are the same old Democrats, plus or minus a few, but it was mostly a blowout for them this election. It saddens me to see the state go this way, and I pray Republicans can get back on our feet next election and rid the state of these corrupt and vile people. As you can see, they have little to no experience, and the ones with experience are radicals. I predict jobs will be lost across the state, the oil & gas industry will be non-existent, and we will be at the rock bottom on every metric (and you thought we already were? You better think again). The future of our great state’s place is in question, but I have a feeling new leaders will emerge soon to turn it in the right direction. We see what we are up against, but we must stand firm, stick together, and remember who our President is: President Donald J. Trump! He’s got our back, even if the crazy Democrats in New Mexico don’t. We just have to hold on for dear life and remember how great our state is.

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