ALERT: Tomorrow (Jan. 26), NM House committee to hear radical abortion bill.

Tomorrow, January 26, at 8:30 am on the New Mexico House floor, the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee will consider the dangerous abortion bill, HB-51, which will expand abortion far and wide, without exception.

Each and every citizen who can come up to Santa Fe for the hearing will be allowed two (2) minutes to speak in front of the committee, and it is vital that each citizen who can attend, should. Women’s and children’s’ lives depend on your voices to be heard to speak against the bill.

Here is what the bill would do:

  • Allow on-demand abortion up to the very date of birth. Abortion after 5 months has a significantly greater risk of death and life-altering disabilities.
  • Remove parental consent requirements, where young girls do not have to consult with their parents before having an abortion. Young girls could be manipulated into the procedure.
  • Strip away critical health standards and protections in clinics (some of which have already killed women, like the Southwestern Women’s Options clinic).
  • Not require a doctor to perform the abortion, leaving women susceptible to unsafe procedures by people who may lack the medical knowledge to perform the abortion. A recent study from the American Public Health Association “found that the risk of complications doubles when an abortion is done by non-doctors.”
  • Force medical professionals with moral or religious obligations against abortion to perform the procedure

New Mexico Alliance for Life just released a brand new poll showing that a majority of New Mexicans believe abortion is wrong after the 5th month of pregnancy (69.8%). The survey showed that although a majority of New Mexicans identify as pro-choice, the majority of pro-choice individuals were opposed to no parental consent, late-term abortion, hospitals being forced to perform abortions, and having taxpayer dollars go to funding abortion.

Also uncovered by New Mexico Alliance for Life is that the bill sponsor, Joanne Ferrary obtained close to $30,000 from the abortion lobby in the last election. Her donations are as follows:

DC-Based abortion advocate group Emily’s List: $21,600
Planned Parenthood Voters of New Mexico Coordinated Committee: $2,880
Planned Parenthood New Mexico: $2,500
Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains: $1,730

Total: $28,710 in money from the abortion lobby.

Don’t let big abortion companies like Planned Parenthood make a profit off of the suffering and death of New Mexicans. New Mexico’s values are not based on destructive laws like HB-51, a clearly bought and paid for political stunt to keep their destructive organization in business.

You can find a legislative fact sheet HERE from NMAFL, with more information on the dangerous bill.

The abortion lobby is sure to have rounded up their pink hat-wearing supporters, indoctrinated with the Planned Parenthood pro-death talking points. It’s critical that we, as a state show up tomorrow to prove that we are the majority opinion, and as a majority, we do not stand for our families to be torn apart by dangerous late-term, unregulated abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. It is a disgrace that such a heartless, corrosive bill is even being considered, and it should not be able to be jammed through the legislature with ease just because the Democrats hold some power.

Tips for testifying:

  • When you give your testimony in front of the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee, make sure to be concise, and try to tell them how this bill will personally hurt you (such as your family, or as a medical professional)
  • Do not use language that the left will try to spin as us being “radical,” (such as the terms murderers, baby killers, etc.)
  • I challenge some to call out Representative Ferrary, who is on the committee and ask why she has taken so much money from the abortion lobby.
  • A good point to be brought up is to cite NMAFL’s independent poll showing that 69.8% of New Mexicans oppose abortion. Tell them that Democrat pro-abortion members who won in Republican-leaning districts in November will have a tough road next November if they choose to vote for this radical bill.
  • Be as reasoned as possible. Use facts to back up your arguments, not emotions.
  • Use NMAFL’s fact sheet to back up your arguments. Maybe even print it out to have on hand when you speak. There is also a wealth of other information on their website:
  • Be as polite as possible, and address the Chairman and members of the committee with respect. For example, always address the Chair (in this case Chairwoman Liz Thompson) as Chairwoman, and speak with passion, but never with crude, divisive language.

Here are the members of the Committee:

Chair: Elizabeth “Liz” Thompson (D)

Vice Chair: Andrea Romero (D)

Member: Candy Spence Ezzell (R)

Member: Angelica Rubio (D)

Member: Dr. Gregg Schmedes (R)

I am counting on each and every one of you showing up in Santa Fe tomorrow to be an advocate for unborn lives and to fiercely stand up to this bill, which does not represent the great people of New Mexico or the will of America at large. Just remember the facts are on our side, and we can defeat this bill if we work together!

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