MLG names out-of-state Harvard grad for PED post, snubbing NM educators

On Monday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced her replacement for New Mexico’s new Public Education Department secretary, Ryan Stewart, Ed.L.D., a Philadelphia-based educator, who earned his degrees from Stanford and Harvard.

Throughout his career, he has worked in the states of Pennsylvania and California but does not appear to have any work experience in New Mexico, according to his LinkedIn profile

Grisham’s pick of Stewart to head PED is yet another example of her willingness to look out-of-state for progressive, Ivy League-educated East and West Coast academics to serve in her cabinet, instead of in-state New Mexicans.

The Governor abruptly fired her former PED secretary, Karen Trujillo, Ph.D., a well-respected, longtime educator in the state of New Mexico. Multiple state legislators and educators responded with fury. 

Last week, Grisham made a surprise visit to the Public Education Department, in what appears to be a PR stunt to publicly show her commitment to the department, despite the recent bumpy past. 

Time will tell if Dr. Stweart lives up to Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham’s high standards, as it seems Trujillo did not know of the Governor’s dissatisfaction with her performance since she was abruptly fired, not one month after new laws would take effect regarding her department.

4 thoughts on “MLG names out-of-state Harvard grad for PED post, snubbing NM educators”

  1. I hope this new PED cabinet secretary keeps his resume handy and up to date; no telling what MLG might do if he fails to live up to her expectations.

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