Luján backs abortion up-to-birth, Green New Deal, gun control, amnesty, and socialized medicine

The political website “New Mexico Political Report,” which is funded by the far-left “nonprofit” ProgressNow New Mexico, published a fluff piece on Tuesday, in an apparent attempt to bolster Ben Ray Luján’s public image in the southern part of the state. The site, which has previously published op-eds and flattering articles about Luján, this time focused on the Congressman’s recent visit to the La Llorona Park in Las Cruces, where he was to float down the river with a dozen teenagers.

The article explains the advantages and disadvantages Luján faces on the campaign trail, including his name recognition in the state. His Luján last name is described as “akin to political royalty,” and the values he was supposedly raised with to take virtue in “showing up” and being “available” in the community were mentioned as well. 

Luján said “What I learned from the service of my mother and my father is you have to have an open door policy you have to make sure your [sic] showing up and available in communities. That you’re listening to people and that you’re understanding that we all come from different walks of life but in the end it’s all about New Mexico.”

This description of Luján’s learned behavior is in stark contrast with his actual record of “showing up,” especially since in 2018 when he was on the ballot, he didn’t even show up on Election Day to meet with voters. He instead remained in Washington, DC with then-Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. It’s unclear if he even voted for himself in the last election.

Now, as he looks for higher office, Luján is finally willing to spend time in the ol’ home state, not with voters, but with a group of teenagers, many of which are too young to vote. If it’s not in his best interest to visit voters, Luján would much rather stay in DC. But, since it is August recess, he is somewhat forced to come back to New Mexico to talk with constituents.

Time will tell how Luján will hold up in the election against Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, as she has the endorsements of multiple far-left groups, such as Emily’s List, which gives to women who support abortion up-to-birth. Luján also supports this radical position, but he has outraised Oliver by hundreds of thousands. 

Although it’s a sure bet Luján’s mother is supporting his campaign, as she is apparently his biggest asset, since all his campaign literature, emails, television spots, and cringy Twitter videos feature her. 

This election is going to take a lot more than merely the support of one’s mother and a few million from far-left donors. This being Luján’s first state-wide campaign will prove if he can win the votes of southern New Mexicans, including moderates, despite his newly-radicalized stances on the Green New Deal and Medicare For All, plus his consistent gun control, amnesty, and abortion up-to-birth stances. 

Lujan will also have to build a little more fire in his arguments since he is being absolutely roasted by colleagues, especially Oklahoma Republican Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who destroyed him on his abortion stance. Since this March, an abortion up-to-birth bill was widely rejected by many Democrats in the state legislature, his radical stance on abortion rights will be defining.

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