MLG and Balderas fearmonger at George Soros-linked Obamacare rally

Last week, New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham and Attorney General Hector Balderas appeared on the front steps to the New Mexico Capitol building to join in a sad rally of a few dozen paid (mostly out-of-state) socialized medicine extremists from George Soros-funded “Protect Our Care,” bemoaning the Trump Administration’s repeal of the Obamacare’s Individual Mandate, which forced Americans to buy health care, or else they would be penalized with a hefty fee for not having health care. 

Before the “rally” begun, Grisham screeched at the emcee, yelling, “It’s not the best idea… we’re speaking right in front of the sun, so…” while putting her arm over her eyes to block out the light. He replied, “oh, great, we’ll figure it out.” Grisham shook her head, and yelled even louder, “IT’S YOUR SHOW, YOU DO WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!” 

The emcee began his speech, invoking scare tactics and lies from the get-go, complaining about what he described as “the ongoing GOP sabotage, led by Donald Trump to take away your health care.”

While Michelle Lujan Grisham stood on a crate, yelling at the “crowd” and emcee of the shoddily put-together event, screeching about the Martinez Administration. After trashing Martinez’ supposed “violation of the Affordable Care Act, she said, “That’s going to be rebuilt brick by brick, service by service, provider by provider, all patients, and we’re requiring the same parody by our private insurance providers.”

In her signature MLG fear-mongering tone, Grisham warned of the consequences of Democrats losing in 2020. “If we’re not successful in the 2020 elections, and we don’t get our law enforcement and top lawyers engaged in the way that you’ve gotten your Attorney General engaged, there is so much to lose. I could be here all day. And the reality is this: if it weren’t enough to provide these health care guarantees to you and your families, without those guarantees, the costs of health care go up for everyone else. So that we then begin completely being priced out of the market. It will, in fact, collapse on itself,” she said. 

Nothing like a little old fashioned alarmist screeching to keep someone awake through the sad excuse for a “rally.” Then, AG Hector Balderas took the stage, making sure to keep his remarks short, while still packing a punch (possibly literally). 

Balderas looked fondly at what he called “victories… bringing the law together close with inspired citizens, and that’s what turns into this great street fight called America.” A street fight, huh? 

Does that sound very peaceful or law-abiding for that matter, especially coming from the Attorney General? Well, Balderas doubled down, saying “We are going to protect the individual mandate, we’re going to continue to fight for women’s health options, and more importantly, we’re going to make sure that we understand this is about justice and civil rights. I’m not up here just as the state’s top law enforcement officer, litigating and prepare to take this all the way to the United States Supreme Court.” 

So, he pretty much just clarified how he will use his office (as a supposed unbiased law enforcer) for a political means, and he isn’t afraid to boast about it. 

The rally concluded with clapping and Grisham scolding event coordinators not to eat Coloradans’ green chile.

3 thoughts on “MLG and Balderas fearmonger at George Soros-linked Obamacare rally”

  1. The Supreme Court has already ruled on the mandate and we the people won! You can’t force people to buy your fake “healthcare”!

  2. This is a long story but bear with me. I’m going to give you an example of why I don’t want medical insurance forced on people. For one thing this is the next step towards Universal/government run socialized medicine. If you have cancer or any ailment they can force their treatment of choice on you and if it isn’t cost effective to them they can withhold food and water until you die. They do this in England NOW! Secondly, hospitals are notorious for making errors that result in injury or death. Thirdly, Big Pharma is NOT our friend. The example (s): I have MS and they say there is no cure. The only treatment they know is what they’re taught. They push drugs that are worse for you than the disease. I have nearly healed with faith, diet and detox. My chiropractor is adjusting me from sitting in a wheelchair for 17 years. None of my “alternative” doctors are covered by Obamascare and they are the ones who have helped me. Another example that affected a member of my family was when my mom had a knee replacement and they gave her medication that she was allergic to even though her allergy was posted on her chart. Mom has private insurance and I have SSDI. Neither of us want forced insurance with extremely high deductibles so that you can’t afford to go anywhere else.

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