Ben Ray tries the ol’ Joe Biden trick: cling to Obama’s legacy

As we all have seen from previous fundraising emails, Ben Ray Luján is not above using any tactic he has to in order to make a buck.

This time, he’s going the old Joe Biden route: clinging on for dear life to the record of President Barack H. Obama in a fundraising email.

This time, Luján is lauding Obama as a knight in shining armor, calling him a “beloved president,” then trying to convince gullible Democrats to chip in $5 to beat Mitch McConnell, who Luján is apparently trying to paint as the boogeyman. 

Apparently, to Ben Ray’s copywriter, sending Ben Ray Luján to the Senate (a man who has failed to pass a single piece of legislation in his entire decade in Congress, then lied about it), will fulfill the “once-in-a-lifetime” prophecy to “defeat McConnell’s Senate.”

So, in this election, the choice is crystal clear: literally any Republican running for Senate, or Ben Ray Lujan or Maggie Toulouse Oliver, people who believe in abortion up-to-birth, the Green New Deal, and fundraising off of the failed legacy of Barack Hussein Obama. Choose wisely, New Mexico.

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