Pro-lifers picket CD-3 candidate’s pro-abortion ‘happy hour’

On Monday, pro-lifers gathered on Otero Street in Santa Fe to protest abortion up-to-birth candidate Teresa Leger Fernandez’s abortion happy hour with abortion group EMILY’s List founder and chairwoman Ellen Malcolm.

According to FEC reports, EMILY’s List has already dumped over $5,250 in conduit donations into Leger Fernandez’s campaign.

Multiple candidates running for federal and state offices, such as Joey Tiano, running for New Mexico state Senate District 39 and Alexis Johnson, one of the four Republican women running for Congressional District 3 were present to protest the happy hour.

The protesters outside held signs reading “I am alive momma! #NMnot4Sale” and “Abortion isn’t very ‘happy’ for babies,” hitting some real issues with the candidate’s tasteless promotion of abortion through such a topic with a celebratory happy hour. 

According to Ms. Johnson, when  Ellen Malcolm and Leger Fernandez drove up to the event, “They were sooo mad!”

Other attendees included the Republican Party of Santa Fe County officials and pro-life advocates, such as Marcie May, a warrior for the unborn and socially-conservative issues.

Although the group of protesters was fairly small, as the protest was not organized by any one person, it seems to have made an impact on the organizers of the event, especially because in Santa Fe, which is heavily liberal, the sight of people standing up for Life made a difference.

Here are some examples of the signs attendees held up in protest:

As proven by 2019’s New Mexico Legislative Session, the defeat of the extreme abortion up-to-birth legislation H.B. 51, with eight Senate Democrats voting against their party to stop abortion radicalism, Democrats in New Mexico, especially in northern districts, are not for abortion.

Abortion seems to be a big issue in this 2020 congressional election, and Teresa Leger Fernandez’s endorsements by abortion up-to-birth groups won’t do her any favors with voters, at least not ones outside of the Santa Fe bubble.

2 thoughts on “Pro-lifers picket CD-3 candidate’s pro-abortion ‘happy hour’”

  1. Anna Trevino-McFall

    Abortion is murder! Any Christian who believes in God and the Bible should be against abortion! It’s not about a woman’s right! It’s about a babies right! They are alive! If you don’t want children, then don’t have sex! Even if it’s because of rape or incest, that is not that babies fault! Put it up for adoption! Plenty of people who can’t have kids would adopt!

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