Dems accuse Trump of holding ‘hate rally,’ promise ‘MASSIVE offensive’

After Trump’s announcement to visit Rio Rancho, NM for a “Make America Great Again” rally, some liberal politicians, two in particular who are running for Senate, sent out fundraising emails to their supporters on the subject.

In what appears to be a desperate attempt at putting cash in their campaign accounts, U.S. Rep. Ben Ray Lujan and New Mexico Secretary of State rabidly tore into the President.

In Ben Ray’s fundraising email, he essentially accused the President of trespassing in his house (his district), and promised to plan what he called a “MASSIVE offensive to counter his hateful rally,” which simply seems like a fundraising opportunity for his Senate campaign, with an arbitrary “emergency” donation ask to meet a goal of 2,500 gifts. 

Toulouse Oliver Sent out an email a few days later, going even farther in her antics to call President Trump’s rally a “hate rally,” and accusing the President of having a “corrupt and criminal administration.” She continued, to call for the President’s impeachment. 

She then asked her supporters to reach an arbitrary goal of $7,500 to match the alleged amount of seats in the Santa Ana Star Casino venue, where the rally will be held. 

Both campaigns seem desperate to fundraise off of Trump’s visit to the Land of Enchantment, which may show they are scared that the President’s visit will rally support for his “Keep America Great” message, which has lifted America out of constant failure, and back into a successful nation. 

The President has so many accomplishments, there is an entire website ( dedicated to keeping track of all the winning.

Monday night’s rally is sure to bring out people from all four corners of the state, and show just how united New Mexico is against radical left-wing extremism, especially in 2020.

8 thoughts on “Dems accuse Trump of holding ‘hate rally,’ promise ‘MASSIVE offensive’”

  1. The new New Mexico Democratic gang will not pass up anything that will be against President Trump. It is unlikely that they will get past their first election. They are not well accepted. SHE is a socialist and probably worships at the feet of AOC

  2. I am ashamed for these two. There is many New Mexicans that do not agree with their political views I’m one, but i would not support trying to ban Democratic candidates from campaigning here.

  3. These people offend the intellect of NM citizens. They have nothing to say or contribute that benefits this state. They need to step aside and stop impeding those who care about what happens to NM and its people. Fading into the background would be good!

  4. They spread more and more hate with their anti Trump lies, hypocrisy, and rhetoric, than Trump ever has, yet their lemmings remain blind to all of it….sad days for the US.

  5. I absolutely demand NM State Police, Rio Rancho Police, and the Sandoval County Sheriff’s Dept. do their jobs to make certain Trump and the people who come to see and hear him are protected. Shame on Lujan and Toulouse-Oliver for using Trump’s visit to NM as a means to raise money for their campaigns.

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