Ben Ray Luján Lies and Virtue Signals His Way Through Speech

This past week, Ben Ray Luján has been busy exploiting gunned-down ex-congresswomen for endorsements, introducing Green New Steal-esque legislation, and giving a speech at the “MetaECHO” medical conference. Although he was there to laud the organization’s work, he couldn’t resist talking about himself, spewing falsities, and bringing up his late father every other second.

He began the speech thanking a host of the conference, one “Dr. Aurora,” by saying “my father believed in him, trusted him—my father was able to learn from Dr. Aurora.” (Note this as the first time he spoke of his late father.)

He went on to speak glowingly of the conference, saying “There is something about being surrounded, not just by thinkers, but also innovators and doers.” Ironically, the man who has never been a “doer” by virtue of him never passing a bill of his own into law, is now lauding others for being “doers.” His compliment to highly-achieving attendees then morphed into another name drop of his late father.

“Some of you may not know this, but I first learned about Project ECHO as was described by Dr. Aurora, when my father was the Speaker of the House here in New Mexico,” he said. Do you see the pattern? He’s using a constant pelting of his late father’s name in the attempt to bolster his own credibility.

Luján then proceeded to ramble in fluent SJW about how the work of Project ECHO was creating “equality and justice in medicine that every country and every human deserves.” And by “every human,” Ben Ray sure doesn’t mean unborn human babies. To him, they still don’t have rights. He then repeated the words “justice,” “access,” and “equality” a few times to virtue signal.

After an awkward pause, Luján then began to foreshadow his eventual failure in his current race for the U.S. Senate, saying:

“If you are going to try something hard, there are going to be times where you do not succeed. There are even going to be times where you do everything right, and you still come up short.”

Does he have some bad insider polling, and that’s why he’s pulling down all these “high-profile” endorsements all of a sudden? Who knows, but this is a possible indication of that.

Luján then mentioned his family yet again by saying, “I am a son, a brother, a friend, a member of Congress, and if you ask my mom, she might even call me a gardener.” This quip is in reference to Ben Ray’s incessant television commercials of him and his mom staging a day in the garden, in the attempt to portray the congressman as “folksy.” My bet is he hasn’t done a good, honest day’s work with hands since he was a high-paid casino croupier.

Here come the lies, folks…

After lauding his [faux]ksiness by calling himself a “gardener,” he then told the audience, “I win some, and I lose some. Last year, President Trump signed one of my bills into law.” After a pause, he then said, “I’m a Democrat.”

NOTE: This is a total lie. Not a single bill was passed in the last Congress (or in congressional history) bearing Rep. Luján’s name, according to He co-sponsored (along with hundreds of other members of Congress) 7 bills which passed into law, many of which were ceremonious bills, such as the self-explanatory American Legion 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act, which did not bear his name. So, Ben Ray saying “his bill” was signed into law is a blatant lie.

Luján then complained about how difficult it was for him to pass bills, saying “Do you know how many bills I authored that were not signed into law last Congress? 46! 46 bills that hold promise and potential.”

Ben Ray is deceiving New Mexicans by saying that he passed a bill last Congress which was signed by President Trump (even though it wasn’t his bill), yet he references 46 as the number of bills that didn’t pass. According to, 46 is the total number of bills he proposed last Congress. So, by doing basic 4th grader math, we know that 100% of his bills FAILED if 46 out of 46 were not passed!

After trying to polish his sad excuse for a record, he then passed the buck, saying “I try not to focus on what I or my team didn’t get signed into law,” essentially blaming his team for his failure as a lawmaker to do the only job he was elected to do: pass laws. He went on, “Instead I focus on what conversations I started, the movement we made.” Sounds like a cop-out to me.

Now, you don’t want to miss this part…

Luján then hilariously noted, “Sure some people may succeed in chasing titles, but when they get there, they don’t know what to do with it. And if they don’t get there, they don’t have anything to show for it.” Ben Ray is literally chasing the title of “Senator,” while not having anything to show for his time in Congress if he gets to the upper house or not.

The self-promotion, lies, virtue signaling, and straight-up irony in Ben Ray Luján’s speech are all testaments to why he does not belong in the Senate, nor does he belong in the House. Luján has fumbled around for over a decade in Congress and hasn’t a damn thing to show for it. It’s time New Mexicans finally take his words seriously and stop him from vainly chasing a title while riding on his father’s coattails.

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