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Heinrich ignores birds killed by wind turbines while lamenting ‘climate change’ bird extinctions

On Monday, Sen. Martin Heinrich took to Twitter to bemoan the Audubon Society’s statistics alleging “climate change’s” involvement in the extinction of birds in New Mexico.

In his tweets, he wrote, “According to the [Audubon Society], nearly HALF (46%) of New Mexico’s bird species are vulnerable to climate change–which could lead to population declines and local extinctions if species aren’t able to adapt.” …

Heinrich’s ‘decarbonization’ plan could include genetically modified cows

On Thursday, “Alibi” posted an interview featuring Sen. Martin Heinrich and his views on the “Green New Deal.” 

Although Heinrich previously didn’t vote for the Green New Deal when he had the opportunity in March, he has recently come out in support of the extreme left-wing Green New Deal, which the Washington Post refutes as actual legislation, and rather just a “statement of broad principle” and a “sweeping manifesto.”…

NM Dems aim to bankrupt state in the name of ‘climate change’

While Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is busy having photo-ops at her state-funded camps for asylum seekers (aka illegal aliens), and Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard is preoccupied with doing away with male pronouns in state regulations, not much attention is being paid to the New Mexico oil & gas industry, which is threatened by the current administration’s hostile agenda.…

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