NM Dems aim to bankrupt state in the name of ‘climate change’

While Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is busy having photo-ops at her state-funded camps for asylum seekers (aka illegal aliens), and Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard is preoccupied with doing away with male pronouns in state regulations, not much attention is being paid to the New Mexico oil & gas industry, which is threatened by the current administration’s hostile agenda.

A new report done by New Mexicans for Economic Prosperity shows the massive contribution the oil & gas industry brings to our state, making up almost 93% of all state revenues in 2018. Without this critical industry, the state would be financially crippled, as our largest source of income would vanish.

The good news of such prosperous growth under the very energy-friendly Martinez Administration in 2018, may be short-lived, as Michelle Lujan Grisham signed New Mexico’s own Green New Steal (The Energy Transition Act), which aims to wipe out energy producers by 2050 through heavily-regulating carbon dioxide, and incrementally imposing hostile rules, to deter oil & gas business from the state.

As previously reported in multiple articles, the move by Grisham is in tandem with New Mexico’s congressional delegation to create more “public lands,” masked as an incentive for more recreation, although it would ban all energy production from vast tracts of New Mexico, in effect, creating a “sanctuary” from safe, lucrative oil & gas production. This move would kill jobs, destroy the infrastructure already in place, and create an inhospitable environment for energy producers, especially in New Mexico’s share of the Permian Basin.

As the Grisham, Richard, and Democrats in the legislature are busy trying to cripple the single industry which is giving them money they need to finance things such as “pre-k for all” and housing for illegal aliens here at home, every single member of New Mexico’s Congressional Delegation and almost every Democrat running for Congress, is in favor of extremist zero-tolerance policies for oil & gas producers.

Rep. Ben Ray Luján

Ben Ray Luján has come out in recent weeks endorsing radical socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ Green New Deal, which will force the murder of cows, destruction, and rebuilding of nearly every structure, elimination of all airplane travel, and mandate 100% “energy independence” by 2030. Luján has been sending out desperate fundraising emails begging for support due to his support of the insane green initiative.

screenshot of Ben Ray’s fundraising email, proudly endorsing the far-left Green New Deal.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver

Maggie Toulouse Oliver (the current New Mexico Secretary of State), is running against Ben Ray Lujan for the United States Senate. She also has endorsed the radical socialist Green New Deal, saying she gives the measure her “unabashed support.”

Rep. Debra Haaland

Haaland was an early signer on the Green New Deal, which she claims will “bring long-lasting jobs” to New Mexico. She ran on 100% green energy during her November 2018 race.

Rep. Xochitl Torres Small

Xochitl Torres Small has made fighting climate change “one of her top priorities,” although she represents a district heavily-reliant on oil & gas to create jobs. She told the Albuquerque Journal that “climate change poses a threat to our way of life in New Mexico – the years will get hotter and drier, and water will become an even scarcer resource.”

Sen. Martin Heinrich

Heinrich, who is well-known as the wannabe Interior Secretary, has been a long-time climate junkie, shouting from any rooftop he can find about how climate change is “our most urgent challenge.” He recently tweeted an alarmist message, saying “We don’t have any more time to waste.”  Heinrich also said that he thinks America can be 100% green “in [his] lifetime.”

Heinrich, like Xochtil Torres-Small, has managed to squirm out of all-out endorsing the Green New Deal, instead choosing to make a pitiful floor speech, saying there is no need for a vote on the Green New Deal since Gov. Grisham signed the radical Energy Transition Act.

Sen. Tom Udall

Sitting duck soon-retired Tom Udall has awkwardly dodged outright endorsing the Green New Deal, but he has on many occasion been a “climate change” alarmist, saying “New Mexico and the Southwest are in the bull’s eye when it comes to the devastating effects of global warming” He has often used the word “urgent” to try and drum up more momentum around his agenda, aimed at annihilating the oil & gas industry. If either of the top Democrat contenders for Senate (Maggie Toulouse-Oliver and Ben Ray Luján) make it to the chamber, New Mexico is sure to see “climate change” extremism ravage our state for years to come.

All of the above politicians, (excluding Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who is a state official), have signed on to a restrictive measure cloaked in “saving Chaco Canyon,” which will designate thousands of acres of land untouchable to energy producers.

Climate change extremism is very real in our state, and if New Mexicans don’t go out in droves to vote this next election, New Mexico’s 93% of revenue from oil & gas will vanish, and our state will fall into the largest economic decline we have seen in history. New Mexico Democrat politicians’ opportunistic and selfish choice to put a fictitious monster known as “climate change” above the well-being of New Mexicans’ economic prosperity is irresponsible. New Mexico Democrats should focus more on real issues, like securing our border, rather than ramming the “climate change” hoax down our throats, which ill bankrupt the state.

3 thoughts on “NM Dems aim to bankrupt state in the name of ‘climate change’”

  1. Laura Schneberger

    We few who recognize the new wildlife corridors act understand that the state is right in the middle of the issue as well. Our petition to overturn that idiotic and corrupt law is being denied by the SOS on the basis of health safety and welfare.

    1. Stop Michelle Lujan Grisham’s:Heist of New Mexico into Bankruptcy: Prior to ‘Green New Steal:’ Phase 2! #ImpeachMichelleLujanGrisham #BorderInsecurity #FoodInsecurity #FoodInsecurityOfOurOwnChildrenOfNewMexico #ChildHungerNM #NotFeedingOwnChildrenInNewMexicoFIRST

  2. Stop Michelle Lujan Grisham’s:Heist of New Mexico into Bankruptcy: Prior to ‘Green New Steal:’ Phase 2! #ImpeachMichelleLujanGrisham #BorderInsecurity #FoodInsecurity #FoodInsecurityOfOurOwnChildrenOfNewMexico #ChildHungerNM #NotFeedingOwnChildrenInNewMexicoFIRST

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