Phase 1 of New Mexico’s ‘Green New Steal’ Initiated

This week, unhinged Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham put her final stamp of approval on Senate Bill 489, a measure, which aims to annihilate the oil & gas industry from existence in New Mexico by 2045. The move marks phase one of the state’s “Green New Steal.”

The move, which the supporters of the bill are referencing as “first state law of its kind in the nation,” seem blind to the economic ramifications of destroying our state’s most prosperous industry. Currently, the Oil & Gas industry makes up 32% of revenues in the state’s General Fund and contributes over $1 billion to New Mexico’s schools each year. By “phasing out” the clean energy industry by 2045, state revenues will sharply decline, and schools will be scrapped for resources.

This news comes as Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham looks to expand the education system, adding a 23rd government department to the already overly-bureaucratic New Mexico government. The new department, which will provide free daycare to preschool-aged children, is sure to cost tens of billions. If the Governor is successful in her pipe dream, without funds from Oil & Gas, the government is sure to go bankrupt.

Rep. Nathan Small, who is married to Congresswoman* Xochitil Torres-Small, commented that the bill “is something that will create jobs – will create a sustainable future for us as New Mexicans.” The former “Conservation Wrangler,” doesn’t seem to have a strong suit in simple math, as he thinks the creation of “apprenticeship requirements” for solar & wind energy will save the state, once the Oil & Gas industry jumps ship to Texas, or just about any other state without insane restrictions on natural resource extraction.

Rep. Nathan Small and his colleague, Sen. Jeff Steinborn campaign for freshman Rep. Willie Madrid.

Other legislators that contributed to the out-of-touch, pie-in-the-sky legislation were Sen. Mimi Stewart, Rep. Jacob Candelaria, and rule-bending despot, Speaker Brian Egolf himself. Sen. Stewart told the Albuquerque Journal that the bill’s passage was “a miracle,” even though the senator’s party has a supermajority in both the House & Senate and a good friend in the woefully unqualified Land Commissioner, who despises the fossil fuel industry with a passion.

Wannabe DOI Secretary’s ‘National Monument’ Smokescreen

While Grisham, Small, and other delusional Democrats are working hard to destroy New Mexico on the state level, Maryland’s Senator Martin Heinrich (who no longer resides in New Mexico), is working on the federal level to ban energy production in the northern part of the state. Heinrich, who seems more interested in beind the next Democrat Secreatry of the Interior, is cloaking his proposal with the smokescreen of turning Bandelier National Monument into a national park.

Then-Rep. Grisham and Sen. Heinrich at attending an event.

By labeling the 4,000-acre tract of land a “national park,” Heinrich’s legislation would “permanently prohibit drilling and other mineral and geothermal development within park boundaries.” The junior senator’s bill just so happens to work in tandem with Grisham’s plans to exterminate any sign of economic prosperity in the Land of Enchantment, other than that of the film industry, which exclusively hires out-of-state union workers, creating no jobs for New Mexicans.

With federal and state-level elected officials working hard to bankrupt the state by slaughtering the clean fossil fuel industry, we are sure to see many companies leave New Mexico, and jobs to leave with them. This is just Round one of New Mexico’s “Green New Steal.” Brace yourselves; this is just the beginning.

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  1. From Day 1 of her new and powerful position as gov. of New Mexico, it became abundantly obvious that she and her sycophants are determined to turn this state into a Socialist third world. Every one of her proposals is destined to have a deleterious effect. She (they) are killing the oil industry and making up the loss of revenue with devastating taxes and money making stratagem. Ross Perot’s great sucking sound will likely become a reality before she is out of office.

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