Abortion Extremists Call Pro-Lifers ‘Political Opportunists,’ Then Eat Their Words

Just weeks after Democrats’ crippling bipartisan defeat of the radical abortion-up-to-birth bill HB-51, paid activists who unsuccessfully attempted to ram the bill through the legislature are angrily lashing out at anyone they can. During a March 23rd public forum in Silver City, Senator Gabriel Ramos, who opposed the extremist legislation, was questioned by an audience member about the bill’s demise.

Ramos explained his “no” vote on the measure, and said, “I think the choice is made by the woman. If they want to go ahead and not become pregnant…let’s take care of the problem before it happens.”

Ramos’ answer, which focused on the importance of increasing birth control methods, and prevention so abortion never is the ‘solution,’ sparked outrage from abortion-loving radicals, including one Adriann Barboa, who represents herself as the New Mexico “Feild Director” for Strong Families New Mexico, a shoot-off of the Oakland, CA-based “nonprofit,” Forward Together.

Barboa commented that “Senator Ramos’ views on [abortion] are as archaic as the law he’s responding to,” which ironically shows her own archaic views, aiming to disrespect doctors’ rights by forcing them to give abortions against their will, which blatantly violates the religious clause of the U.S. Constitution.

(Screenshot) Barboa cip from KRQE 13

Furthermore, she displays her antiquated wordview by defying the scientific facts showing viability of unborn children at 20+ weeks. According to research done by the NIH,  “intensive care should be an optional choice for fetuses at 23 and 24 weeks of gestation and should be offered to every fetus at 25 weeks or more.” This starkly defies Barboa’s desires to allow abortions up to the date of birth, when science mandates care for children at 25+ weeks or more.

Barboa lobbied on behalf of HB-51 and worked in tandem with the group, Young Women United (YWU) through a coalition called Respect NM Women. The coalition is a shoot-off of 2013’s ACLU and Planned Parenthood-funded project Respect ABQ Women, which aimed to lobby for a ballot measure.

According to YWU’s 2012 IRS 990 form, Barboa served as “Executive Director,” and took a salary of $34,162 at the speculative date of her departure from the organization. According to her profile on Forward Together’s website, Barboa joined her supposed current employer in 2012.

According to the latest 990 form from Forward Together detailing 2017 expenditures and contributions, the group received a 10,000 grant from Young Women United, as well as that of The NM Religious Coalition, which lobbied aginst the radical HB-51. Barboa can be seen in multiple photographs on the group’s website, as she has evidently co-sponsored and attended their events.

Barboa depicted on the right, wearing an orange blouse.

Young Women United is a member of the “NM Entiende” coalition, which blatantly advocates against allowing conscience protections for doctors who reject abortion on moral or religious grounds. Although Barboa claims to have never heard of NM Entiende, she praised their work, by stating “[W]hat great work they are doing…. Immigrant, woman and [LGBTQ] rights all in one place. BEAUTIFUL.” Barboa is also tied to anoter

In a recent tweet by a shady tabloid gossip account going by the name “NM Pop Politics” (NMLeg4All), which has spread lies throught the legislative session, including a call for it’s whopping 405 followers to submit “CHISME” and “MOVIDAS,” roughly translating to “gossip,” and “mischievousness,” called Adrian Barboa “the real [star] of the show” for her sound bite against Senator Ramos’ townhall comments on preventing abortion.

In response to the tweet, I called out Barboa for her untrue statements, which attempted to brand abortion as health care, and bring light to how out of touch she was with reality.

Unable to resist falling into a REAL conversation about actual issues, Barboa couldn’t help lashing out, referring to my Twitter bio, which very clearly reads “Christian,” saying I “lie[d] about what HB-51would have done.” She went on to quote the Bible, referring to the commandment, “bearing false witness” against someone.

In an immediately subsequent tweet, Barboa then accused me and all pro-lifers of being “political opportunists” for standing up for Life, which she called a “wedge issue to gain political strength.” This is the same woman who has been harping on this issue for years, to “gain political” strength. But, it gets even better…

Barboa, who claimed myself and all pro-lifers are “political opportunists” seemingly didn’t check her own closet before opening that box, since she recently sought a political appointment to a Bernalillo County Senate Seat. Needless to say, she was not chosen, and I called her out on her hyopcritical attempt to brandish all pro-lifers as “opportunists,” especially when only two months ago, she herself used her “activism,” if you can call it that, to “gain political strength” of her own.

Barboa’s “campaign’ ad for her failed Senate bid.

In defense of her indefensibly asinine comments on abortion, Barbero began spewing lies about her bill, right as she accused myself of “lying,” and even quoted the Bible. Hilariously, by lying about someone “bearing false witness,” she broke the same law she was pontificating about, making her even worse than a liar: a hypocrite and a heretic.

In her sad response, which used no facts or figures whatsoever, she claims HB-51’s only purpose was to “remove outdated law,” even though the laws are quite necessary and not “outdated” at all since they protect doctors from being forced to perform abortions.

Another instance where Barboa lied was when she spoke on the SantaFe.com radio show Brave Space, where she said New Mexico’s criminal statute “criminalizes women for seeking abortion care,” which is patently false, as the criminal code has not a single word relating to criminaizng women for having or seeking an abortion.

Without a single valid argument left in her toolshed, Adriann Barboa did what liberals do best: resorting to name-calling and personal insults (even though I did not comment once on her physical appearance). Her straw man argument was that my “ego was showing” by bringing up facts.

In response, I asked her about her involvement with the group Entiende NM, which has clear ties to her organization, as explained above, however she has not responded.

The coward behind the Twitter account NM Pop Politics had surprisingly much to say, especially coming from a Twitter account with a broken link to its “website,” and no public knowledge of the account owner, other than what can be presumed as a societal pariah. For an account with so many idiotic opinions, it is probably best that they stay anonymous, since people like myself, who want to have REAL converstaions, and back my arguments up with REAL facts, are proud to put my name and reputation on my words and statements.

The provocateur, who JohnforNM.com has unmasked as Áine Brazil, also runs another trashy account called “Chismosa Sabrosa” (@chismosasabrosa), which translates to “tasty gossip.” NM Pop Politics, who formerly used to tout its “anonymous” status will no longer be able to play that game anymore. Words have meaning, and the detestable comments made by the account should not go unnoticed and unnamed.

Of course, there is a connections with Brazil and Barboa, where she served as a “research volunteer” with Barboa’s group, Strong New Mexico Families. She is also connected to Rachael Lorenzo, another abortion extremist.

Brazil at a “Respect NM Women” pro-abortion lobby day.
Profile Picture for @ChismeSabrosa’s Twitter account.
A selfie of Brazil from her account @Chismosa Sabrosa

NM Pop Politics retweeted Barboa’s response to me calling her out for being a political opportunist, championing Barboa as a “bad[expletive] Chicana, “transcending all this patriarchal BS.” Again, the tweet reeks with irony, since I thought the whole point of the “Respect NM Women” movement was to get abortion-on-demand, and “stand up for women’s rights.” If that is the case, it’s encouraging to the pro-life movement that such “feminist courage” can be pushed over with a single tweet! Furthermore, anyone touting their “Chicana” heritage every five seconds to try and prove something to the world shows a quite shallow view of the world. I am proud of my Hispanic ancestry, but in this country, we are Americans, and these affirmative action politics show just how weak the other side is in terms of their rhetorical skill and ideological foundation.

We saw some of the same race-baiting rhetoric coming from NM Pop Politics and activist Rachael Lorenzo earlier this month, when she called pro-lifers “white supremacists” for opposing abortion.

Incedentally, Barboa is closely tied with Lorenzo, and the group she works for, ProgressNow, which has perpetuated race-baiting lies in the past. In a recent ProgressNow blog during the hearings on HB-51, one post included what appears to be a Facebook story photo of Barbero testifying in front of a committee, with the caption “We cannot force parental notification for abortion,” endorsing the radical belief that a 14-year-old, who hasn’t even fully developed, should be able to make life-altering decisions without the guidance of a parent. Interestingly enough, one of NM Pop Politics’ tweets was mentioned as well…

ProgressNM Photo from blog post of Adriann Barboa.

Regardless of their cash cow, Respect NM Women, which is funded by Planned Parenthood and other large abortion groups, pro-abortion radicals only increased opposition to HB-51. These extremists have fractured an even larger divide between the New Mexico people, who come from both the Democratic and Republican parites, and abortion extremists. Left-wing radicalism, spewing from the dark money organizations and mouths of people like Adriann Barboa and Rachael Lorenzo, who repeat false information and destructive talking points doesn’t work with REAL New Mexicans, at least not anymore.

HB-51’s clear bipartisan opposition, not to mention the more than 22,000 signatures against it (destroying Respect NM Women’s measly 10,000), and 98% of phone calls made to the Governor’s office opposing the bill substantiate the opposition and subsequent death of the legislation.

Fearmongers like Barboa and NM Pop Politics’ Áine Brazil are the very reason why people can’t stand politics, and the resounding “NO” vote on HB-51 reaffirms Barboa’s out-of-touch, radical beleifs are not welcomed in the beautiful Land of Enchantment. These ARE NOT New Mexico values.

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