ProgressNow NM calls pro-lifers ‘white supremacists’

Empowered by the callous anti-Semitic statements made by Rep. Ihlan Omar, leftists are spewing hateful, anti-American rhetoric towards groups they disagree with, and the racism is coming to New Mexico.

On March 7, ProgressNow New Mexico published a slanderous article by Rachael Lorenzo, the group’s digital engagement & political coordinator, which branded Elisa Martinez, the executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life, a “white supremacist” for testifying for a bill which would provide commonsense late-term abortion protections in New Mexico.

The despicable ‘article’ alleged that Martinez forced a woman named Tina Atkins to testify in front of the House Consumer & Public Affairs committee against her will, by manipulation. Tina is the mother of the late Keisha Atkins, a woman who died of complications from a late-term abortion at an Albuquerque abortion clinic (Southwestern Women’s Options) in 2017.

The condescending article backed up with no facts whatsoever, said that because Ms. Atkins (who is an African American and Native American of the Zia tribe) was “manipulated,” and Elisa Martinez was “divid[ing] and conquering,” Because of these inaccuracies, she called Ms. Martinez a “white supremacist.”

I’m not sure Lorenzo understands what the words “white supremacy” mean, so let me spell it out for her: The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a “white supremacist” as “a person who believes that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other race.” How is testifying to a House committee for a reasonable health bill at all within the definition of “white supremacy”?

Ironically, Elisa is a Dinè Native American member of the Kinyaa’aanii/Kiyaa’aanii clan. Elisa is pictured below with her full-blooded native American mother, Yvonne, who is also a member of the clan.

Elisa Martinez with a painting of her full-blooded mother, who is also a member of the Dinè tribe.

What is even more damning to Lorenzo’s case is that the Navajo Nation itself decried that “The child, even the unborn child, occupies a space in Navajo culture that can best be described as holy or sacred, although neither of these words convey the child’s status accurately. The child is awę́ę́ t’áá’íídą́ą́’hiną́, alive at conception, and develops perfectly in the care of the mother. The umbilical cord, ííná bita‘ nanít’í’, is the life line between the mother and unborn child.” By calling Elisa and the Navajo Nation “white supremacists,” Lorenzo and her organization look incredibly uneducated on the issues, and in frustration are lashing out with the “race card” since they have no valid scientific or fact-based arguments against late-term abortion.

Official declaration of the Navajo Nation

Elisa responded to Lorenzo in a tweet, asking her why she is desperately lashing out against Native people. In response, Lorenzo responded from the Twitter account of her left-wing fringe group “Indigenous Women Rising,” telling Elisa that she is a white supremacist “if the shoe fits.” Bafflingly, Lorenzo was not ashamed to brand the entire Navajo Nation as racists.

After Lorenzo’s childish Twitter tirade, I checked her page’s Twitter account, where a new tweet read “Denying abortion care is white supremacy, even if you’re a person of color. When you deny the humanity and dignity of a POC when it comes to repro health, you’re denying body sovereignty, something that has been stripped from us for generations.”

Uninformed and obviously uneducated on the issues of race and abortion, the tweet called all people of color who don’t support abortion “white supremacists.” I responded to her tweet, calling her out for how racist and divisive her article was for branding people of color racist. I also went on to comment on what utter trash her article was for slandering Ms. Martinez and lying about race relations.

The response I got from her was a “Lol,” a smiling emoji, and a photo saying “Abortion is health care” with what seems to be a sunset in the background.

Then I asked her, if all people who are against extreme widespread abortion are “racist,” then who founded her organization (ProgressNow NM)? All I got back was a tweet reading “Short answer: yes, you’re racist” followed by a peace emoji.

So, I repeated my unanswered question “So who started @ProgressNowNM? You can give a short answer if that’s easier for you, Indig Women Rising…” She has not since replied, even after multiple Tweets asking for clarification.

The entire predicament about people being “white supremacists” if they simply disagree with abortion is preposterous, and a very racist statement to make in itself. It says in effect that everyone who doesn’t agree with this radical fringe group on every issue, regardless of their race is “racist.” It tells all people, from all cultures, backgrounds, ethnicities, and socio-economic circumstances to “shut up.”

I would make the case that not letting people think for themselves, especially “people of color” is incredibly racist, since the idea from ProgressNow is to ostracise anyone, regardless of color, if they disagree with them.

Ironically, with all the shouting by Ms. Lorenzo, she has been asked on multiple occasions who founded the organization she works for (ProgressNow), and whether or not the founder is a woman of color. There has been no response from her, most likely because she would have to admit that it was founded by the failed congressional candidate, Pat Davis.

The radical-ex candidate for U.S. Congress stirred up controversy and mass public ridicule by releasing a video, where he said “F**k the NRA.” On his website, he touts the sad attempt at getting attention as “making national news for his no-holds-barred campaign against the NRA on behalf of gun violence victims.”

In 2018, Davis embarassingly babbled on and on while speaking to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, spouting off points like “we need to come to the table” with the NRA, even though he just said “F**k the NRA.”

He also spoke about another campaign ad where he said in 15 seconds, an AR-15 could fire 150 rounds, which is IMPOSSIBLE! Carlson scolded him, saying:

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. I know that you ‘were a police officer,’ you claim to have been. No AR-15 can fire 150 rounds in 15 seconds. That’s untrue, and if you believe it is true, then you’re not qualified to have a conversation about guns. People are laughing at you because you are ignorant. You don’t know what you’re talking about…. What do you think would happen to the barrel in 15 seconds if you put 150 rounds? It would melt. So, I guess my point is, that if you’re going to ‘take on the NRA’ and be Mr. tough ‘I was a cop guy,’ maybe you should know what you’re talking about, but you don’t. You’re putting something on television that’s demonstrably wrong, that’s physically impossible, and all your voters are like ‘oh yeah, he knows what he’s talking about. He was a cop,’ but you don’t know. So maybe you should apologize for it.”

In 2013, Davis was charged with an aggravated DWI, while simultaneously being chair of Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers.

ProgressNow New Mexico, founded by the radical, disgraced Pat Davis is obviously taking right after him and his penchant to distort the truth. If ProgressNow NM actually thinks that the idea of calling people of color “white supremacists” for not agreeing with abortion is true, they should have no seat at the table since their entire argument for widespread abortion is based on calumny and race politics.

By making false accusations against people who are obviously not racists, it cheapens the meaning of the word, where the real racists, like Rep. Ihlan Omar are not served with proper justice.

But, Independent Women Rising is known to have ties with people who have slandered their way to the top, namely Andrea Romero, who utilized a false accusation against Democratic Rep. Carl Trujillo to win a House race with the help of Planned Parenthood / ACLU lobbyist Julianna Koob. Without defaming and falsely accusing, these fringe organizations would not have anything else to stand on.

Rachael Lorenzo is also tied to radical Rep. Angelica Rubio, who has allegedly broken ethics rules regaring conflicts of interest.

Rachael Lorenzo & Angelica Rubio
Photo posted on the Indigenous Women Rising Twitter account, apparently in support of women who falsely accused Justice Brett Kavanaugh of Sexual assault.

I would like an answer from ProgressNow New Mexico if the official position of the organization is that all people are “white supremacists,” regardless of their own race, if they don’t agree with widespread abortion. I would like to know if they actually agree with this, and if not, I would like to know what punishments will be administered to Rachael Lorenzo for her slanderous comments towards Elisa Martinez, Ms. Tina Atkins, and people of all colors in New Mexico who are against radical abortion measures.

New Mexico Alliance for Life has collected over 22,000 signatures from New Mexicans urging lawmakers to vote against HB-51, a radical late-term and infanticide bill. The 10,000 signatures collected from “Respect NM Women” supporting HB-51 is peanuts in comparison to those who oppose abortion, and NMAFL’s petition is growing by the thousands each day.

Rachel Lorenzo, Indigenous Women Rising, ProgressNow, Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Respect NM Women, and all of these radical groups are in the minority on the abortion issue, as most New Mexicans, many of faith, are against abortion extremism, and definitely not “white supremacists.”


If you would like to reach out to Rachael Lorezo (@RLorenxo), she runs the Twitter accounts @ProgressNowNM and @IWRising. Ask her why she is spreading lies, and ask her why people of color throughout history like Alveda King and Mother Theresa are against abortion, and if they are racist. If you should desire, ProgressNow NM’s contact information for the staff is listed here if you would like to send them an email.

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