Abortion up-to-birth NM Dems call pro-lifers ‘extremists’ after Alabama bill passage

In a desperate attempt to support abortion up-to-birth, New Mexico Democrats have taken to social media to make unwanted, seemingly coordinated proclamations of their “commitment” to keeping abortion legal in America.  

On March 15, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham tweeted a New York Times story about Alabama’s recent abortion ban, writing “Access to abortion is access to health care. I am absolutely appalled at the recent legislative action taken in Alabama & other states. These legislators want to criminalize health care providers, and their actions will result in the deaths of more women.”

In a subsequent tweet, Grisham continued, “A woman’s autonomy over her own body is non-negotiable. These pieces of legislation represent a violation of basic human rights. Those rights are sacred in New Mexico, and I will never stop fighting for them.”

Now, these talking points are nothing new for Grisham, especially since she actively supported a radical abortion up-to-birth bill this past legislative session, which failed with 8 Democrat senators defecting and giving her a massive defeat. Grisham uses the phrase “a woman’s autonomy over her own body” to support her argument, however, a growing baby in a woman’s womb is not “her body.” The baby has its own unique set of DNA, which is transcribed from the father and the mother’s cells. This tired argument is a total farce and shows Grisham’s ignorance on the subject.

Senator Martin Heinrich has also been using his official accounts to support abortion up-to-birth in recent days, writing on Facebook, “Republicans need to end their anti-women’s health care crusade. Extreme ideological views should never interfere with women’s personal health care decisions. I will always fight to defend a woman’s right to choose what is best for her body and well-being.”

Heinrich likens pro-lifers supporting innocent babies in their mother’s wombs to a “crusade,” calling abortion opponents’ ideological views “extreme.” The irony couldn’t be clearer with this argument, especially since he has voted against bills that would protect infant survivors of abortion, and supports abortion up-to-birth. This surely cannot be thought of as anything close to a moderate or non-extreme stance, especially since an infant survivor of abortion is already born.

On May 8th, Heinrich wrote a similar sentiment on Facebook, saying “Health care decisions should be left to women and their doctors, period.”

In recent months, Planned Parenthood and pro-aborts like Heinrich have adopted a new style in their social media posts, by ending them with the word “period,” as to shut out all other conversation, in an absolutist way. Here are some examples of the use of the word “period” in various anti-life groups’ posts:

Senator Tom Udall has been shy to speak of the abortion issue, although he has voted against restrictions to abortion, and against a bill saving infant survivors of botched abortions.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who is running for U.S. Senate has also taken to social media, flooding her Twitter feed with Planned Parenthood content and talking points.

On May 14, Toulouse Oliver tweeted “I stand with women in Alabama and across the country. We cannot go back. @PPFA #nmpol,” in opposition to Alabama’s recently-passed pro-life law.

Oliver also made the case against men in another tweet, saying, “With Roe v Wade under attack around the country, it’s more important than ever before that women’s voices are fully represented in the Senate. We can’t accept 25% representation for 52% of the population.” Toulouse Oliver also retweeted Planned Parenthood multiple times to support abortion, in one tweet announcing how she would be at a counter-protest to Alabama’s abortion law.

Rep. Ben Ray Luján, who is also running for U.S. Senate, tweeted a more muted response to Alabama’s abortion law, writing “What’s happening in Alabama is incredibly dangerous – both for women and our nation’s laws. We must stand up against attacks on women and their reproductive freedoms at every turn. #protectroe.” Lujan carefully uses the euphemism “reproductive freedom” instead of abortion, to make abortion sound like a right, even though killing babies is definitely NOT a right of anyone.

Earlier this year, Luján got into an argument about abortion with fellow Rep. Markwayne Mullin, who challenged Ben Ray’s rabid pro-abortion views. While speaking, Mullin was constantly interrupted by Lujàn. Mullin finally had enough, and told him to “shut up,” which was met with triggered Democrat screams from across the committee room. Watch the video below in Ben Ray’s tweet, saying “I will NEVER ‘shut up’ about access to health care or a woman’s right to choose.”

Another fringe Democrat taking to the Twittersphere is Albuquerque’s Rep. Deb Haaland, who has posted incessantly on her feed about her rabid opposition to abortion restrictions. Whether it be a bill passing in Georgia or Alabama, Haaland is quick to call it “extreme.” When Georgia’s Brian Kemp signed GA’s abortion ban, she angrily wrote “Georgia’s new extreme ban is an attack on women. This isn’t about politics – this is about saving patients’ lives. #StopTheBans.”

Haaland’s misleading tweet makes it seem like abortion is mainly a last-ditch procedure, meant to save women’s lives. This is a lie, as less than 1% of abortions are performed for this reason, according to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute.

In the wake of Alabama’s passage of a pro-life bill, Haaland echoed many of the same tired, and quite desperate talking points, writing “These extreme, unconstitutional abortion bans threaten Roe v. Wade and put women’s lives in danger.  #StopTheBans”

Out of fear for her re-election campaign, 2nd District Rep. Xochitl Torres-Small has avoided publicly talking about the abortion issue altogether, even though she has voted for abortion up-to-birth, and worked for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

When Torres-Small ran for Congress, she earned the endorsement of NARAL, a radical pro-abortion activist group, calling the endorsement “an honor,” and praising NARAL, saying “for over four decades, they have fought to expand access to healthcare and reproductive options.” Torres-Small is surely an opponent of pro-life legislation making its way through state legislatures around the country, although she has not been a very vocal critic (for strictly political reasons).

Other less-notable New Mexico Democrat politicians, such as state Sen. Mimi Stewart have tweeted their disgust with pro-life laws. Stewart retweeted Hillary Clinton’s post in response to the Alabama abortion bill:

Newly-elected state Rep. Andrea Romero tweeted “State abortion bans are an attack on women, low income families, and communities of color. Banning abortion doesn’t stop them from happening, it simply puts our communities at risk. I am committed to fighting back and protecting the right to abortion #StopTheBans” in response to recent abortion restrictions in states.

In this tweet, Romero seems to be assuming that banning abortion is an “attack” on low-income families and “communities of color,” which I find insulting to those demographics. By devaluing women of color and low-income families, as in need of “abortion,” Romero is saying that these groups’ lives don’t matter as much, and should be the groups most “aided” by abortion. A quite offensive statement.

The Democrat Party of New Mexico also seemed triggered by the pro-life Alabama law, tweeting a blanket statement that “NM Dems stand with Alabama women and all Americans fighting unconstitutional restrictions on the right to choose.”

Although Democrats are quick to support abortion up-to-birth, most New Mexicans support abortion restrictions. According to a recent Campaign Marketing Strategies poll, 70% of respondents oppose abortion after 20 weeks, including a plurality of individuals describing themselves as “pro-choice.”

New Mexico Democrats seem quick to label most New Mexicans as pro-abortion, even though statistics disprove these wildly inaccurate representations of our state. The Senate’s recent bipartisan rejection of HB-51, a far-reaching abortion up-to-birth bill further proves how out of touch the Democrat party is when it comes to abortion, and the fake outrage over Alabama’s ban is just political fodder for future campaigns for office.

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