Democrats try to turn New Mexico into ‘Rainbowland’

Every June, us normal, “cisgendered” (as the libs like to call us regular folk who identify as our God-given gender) Americans roll our eyes each time we see that first Facebook notification, alerting us that one of the companies we used to like changed their profile picture to incorporate some rendition of the rainbow flag (oh, excuse me: LGBXYZ flag). The desperate attempts at pandering for business reasons could not be more obvious, but in a world so clouded by Social Justice Warrior nonsense, the celebration of the gay culture is “the only option” unless you enjoy being called a bigot (I apparently fall in that category).

The radical liberal community has saturated every nook and cranny of social media, television, and even city streets with what I refer to as “rainbowland” propaganda, ramming the SJW movement’s flag down our throats if we like it or not. But don’t think for one second that this extremist degenerate movement hasn’t seeped into the beautiful state of New Mexico. It has, BIG TIME.

On June 7, Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller, along with “F*ck Trump” City Councilor Pat Davis cut the ribbon on what would be one of the city’s biggest wastes of money (other than the formation of Keller’s “Office of Equity and Inclusion”): $30,000 rainbow-painted crosswalks in Nob Hill. Now, imagine how much food $30,000 could go towards just about anything else, like feeding the homeless, fixing potholes, or cleaning up heroin syringes off of the city streets.

Tim Keller walking across his $30,000 rainbow sidewalk

But it strikes me as sort of hilarious that Tim Keller is wasting all this taxpayer money to paint crosswalks like the LGBTXYZ flag, but isn’t putting their flag and walking across it sort of disrespectful to them? If you put the American or New Mexico flag on the ground to be walked over, I would not support it. How is it any different with their hideous rainbow flag, especially if they are so hell-bent on trying to be “equal”? The sidewalk has already been smudged by some motorcyclists, and just keeping these crosswalks unblemished is sure to cost the city much more money in clean-up costs.

Motorists drive over rainbow sidewalk in Albuquerque (KRQE 13)

To address what Keller calls the sidewalk “vandalism,” he held a press conference/pity party, where he branded the crosswalk “a piece of public art” and a “celebration of our commitment to inclusion and the LGBTQ+ community.” I wasn’t aware that Keller’s definition of “art” was a $30,000 sidewalk that would constantly accrue skid marks, and welcome Albuquerque vagrants to defecate on it.

While Keller is having his crying session over a skid mark on his beloved taxpayer-funded rainbow, on June 15, Albuquerque’s main public library will be hosting a horrifying “Drag Queen Story Time,” sponsored by EQNM (a far-left degeneracy activist group), where young children will be read to by local drag queens “Bunnie Wells Cruse” and “Vanessa Patricks.” These horrifying men in drag are pictured below. This is what Tim Keller and the liberals want to subject our children to. Would you let your kid anywhere near these freaks? I wouldn’t.


Drag queen “Bunnie Wells Cruse”
Horrifying drag queen “Vanessa Patricks”

This blatant attack on the innocence of children is not only distressing to the youngsters, but it tells society that it is okay for young children to be exposed to adult entertainers, and scary-looking, degenerate ones at that. To help stop this event, Family Policy Alliance of New Mexico is sending letters to Mayor Keller, and has all the contact info citizens will need to get in touch with decision-makers. I recommend following this link and signing your name.

It is obvious to me and to many Americans that “PRIDE” month is not about celebrating “equal rights.” It’s about objectifying a select group of individuals, and forcing them to comply with what the left has concocted as “gay.” If a person does not support this cause or a part of this cause, they are immediately branded as evil, homophobic bigots.

Let me be clear: If embracing degeneracy, such as sexual promiscuity, transgenderism, or whatever the hell a “QIA+” is makes me evil, homophobic bigot, then I’ll take it.

To counter the same kind of degeneracy happening in Boston with the whole LGBXYZ nonsense, citizens are forming a “Straight Pride Parade” to counter the Left’s stupidity. Provocative conservative Milo Yiannopoulos (who visited UNM in 2017 with boos and hisses from libs) will be the grand marshal of the parade, sure to bring many in attendance.

New Mexico politicians, like Ben Ray Luján (Benny Boy) and Supreme Leader (I mean Governor) Michelle Lujan Grisham, have embraced the rainbows, in an obvious attempt at pandering to the far-left.

But, New Mexico’s Land Commissioner has gone a step farther, to alter her newly-created wind turbine logo, now appearing with a rainbow hue on the official New Mexico Land Office Facebook page. I wasn’t aware that public land could have a sexual orientation or identity. Apparently, it does, according to Stephanie Garcia Richard.

So, is it time, New Mexico? Should we organize a “Straight Pride Parade” in Albuquerque to finally stand up to the irresponsible, wasteful, and degenerate city officials, hell-bent on forcing their agenda upon us? It’s about damn time New Mexicans stopped being walked all over by these sad excuses for elected officials, and started fighting back through peaceful and practical measures. But at the end of the day, the most effective action is to vote these fools the hell out of office. We have had enough.

1 thought on “Democrats try to turn New Mexico into ‘Rainbowland’”

  1. Literally, OMG.
    Every county in New Mexico starts their City Council and County Commissioners meetings with a PRAYER first and then the pledge of allegiance EXCEPT for Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces. I wonder when they will team up to omit the pledge of allegiance also.
    We each still get 2 minutes of “Public Comment”, to voice our concerns or objections (not that they give a rats ass about anything anyone of us has to say) to their proposed agendas.
    WE need to ask OUR preists or pastors to sign up for the first “Public Comment” and open it up with a prayer. They have taken GOD out, so it is up to the people to invite him back in. And don’t even allow them to say they can’t get involved in politics. They are up to their ears in politics as we all are.

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