MLG is either running for president or she just hates LEGAL New Mexicans

Last night, Michelle Lujan Grisham and the City of Albuquerque filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration, to force the Administration’s hand in releasing massive droves of illegal migrants labeled as “asylum seekers” into communities. The suit also attempts to make the Federal government reimburse the state of New Mexico for the cost of sheltering migrants, calling it “humanitarian aid.”

President Trump clapped back at the delusional governor, saying she is “is interested only in demonizing the vulnerable people who arrive at our border, stoking unfounded fears about national security while taking no action to substantively and proactively protect immigrants and our southern border communities from human- and drug-trafficking.”

Apparently, after a failed attempt at begging the Federal government to reimburse the state for its unauthorized harboring of these illegal aliens, Grisham is pulling the last card in her deck to manage the crisis she helped create in her own state.

In February, Grisham removed the New Mexico National Guard from the southern border, calling the mass migration of illegals “not a crisis.” Without the authorization of any Federal power, she opened state migrant shelters, including one at Expo New Mexico.

Months later, after thousands and thousands of unauthorized individuals have creeped through the scantly-guarded borders of New Mexico, and her migrant shelters are full to the brim, Grisham is on total damage control mode, as her state funds are depleting, and taxpayers are getting angry.

Michelle Lujan Grisham (of course) went on an another angry Twitter rant, alleging that Trump has “failed in [his] response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis at our southern border,” even though just a few months ago, there was “no crisis” according to her.

So, which one is it? A crisis or not a crisis?

Instead of acting as a governor, Grisham has taken the throne as more of a Supreme Leader, yapping back at any dissidents, and forcing her lowly serfs (the New Mexico taxpayers) to foot the bill for privileged migrants’ free benefits.

There could be only two reasons why she is acting this way: She is either gearing up to run for President againt Trump in 2020 ( a possible VP nod), or she just hates the state of New Mexico so much that she wants illegal immigrants to ravage our cities, take our tax dollars, and have free-range to spread diseases and lethal drugs.

Michelle Lujan Grisham is not even coherent, much less consistent as a state leader. At least other radicals in the Democrat party like Elizabeth Warren have been consistently wacky. They have stood by their talking points, no matter how unhinged they may seem. But Michelle believes one thing one day (such as no border crisis), and weeks later, she has shifted to the polar opposite opinion (that there is a crisis). New Mexicans are crying out for help, while Michelle Lujan Grisham looks for attention to gear up her long-shot run for President, or nail the final nail in New Mexico’s coffin.

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