Heinrich’s ‘decarbonization’ plan could include genetically modified cows

On Thursday, “Alibi” posted an interview featuring Sen. Martin Heinrich and his views on the “Green New Deal.” 

Although Heinrich previously didn’t vote for the Green New Deal when he had the opportunity in March, he has recently come out in support of the extreme left-wing Green New Deal, which the Washington Post refutes as actual legislation, and rather just a “statement of broad principle” and a “sweeping manifesto.”

Despite the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ office FAQ’s state that the Green New Deal calls for the elimination of cows, cars, oil and gas, and the Military. But the physical resolution vaguely calls for updating infrastructure, overhauling transportation systems, and eliminating “greenhouse gas” emissions

In order to meet these extreme ends proposed through the Green New Deal, radical policies, including eliminating cows, cars, and rebuilding every structure are means to those ends. In the Alibi interview, Heinrich stated that “we take every opportunity to take the next step towards de-carbonization.” 

If the problem is so urgent for Heinrich, then why didn’t he vote for the Green New Deal, a piece of legislation he professes to emphatically support? 

According to multiple studies, the way to get to “decarbonization” would include radical reformation of the agriculture, cement and steel producers, which would more than double costs, and possibly even call for genetically-modified cows to reduce methane.

Last time I checked, Greenpeace and other groups which profess to love the Green New Deal, also oppose genetic modification, which puts them in a tight spot. Do they now support GMOs because it will help their Green New Deal get off the ground? 

Sen. Heinrich previously co-sponsored a bill with Sen. Lusa Murkowski (R-AK), which called for sweeping GMO labeling. Murkowski called genetically modified salmon “Frankenfish.” 

And if Heinrich REALLY supports the Green New Deal and “decarbonizing” America, he needs to tell the people how he expects for us to pay for doubling and tripling costs of industries, GMO cows, and creating an economically-hostile environment for energy producers, especially in the Permian Basin, which is responsible for New Mexico’s budget surplus.

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