NM Voters Demand Answer From Rep. Torres Small on Impeachment

NM Politics with John Block is pleased to announce it is unveiling a brand new project, called “XTS Must Answer On Impeachment,” which is designed as a one-stop-shop for constituents in New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District to ask Rep. Xochitl Torres Small where she stands on the impeachment of President Donald Trump. 

Through the website XochitlTorresSmall.com, constituents can find the Congresswoman’s statements on impeachment, sign up for updates on Rep. Torres Small’s impeachment decision, read news, and contact Rep. Small’s office via phone, email, or social media. 

“It is important for Rep. Torres Small to come out with a definitive answer on the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. The voters of New Mexico’s Second Congressional District can’t get a straight answer out of Torres Small, and she owes it to the voters to answer, for once, whether she is on board with impeachment or not,” said Founder, John Block.

“I hope the creation of XochitlTorresSmall.com will help constituents find answers, facilitate action, and ultimately find out if Rep. Torres Small is on the side of Nancy Pelosi, AOC, and Jerry Nadler, or on the side of President Trump. The voters deserve to know where she stands,” he continued.

You can access the website at XochitlTorresSmall.com.

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