GETTING COCKY: Luján touts Dem 2020 odds, mocks Latino Trump voters

Over the weekend, Rep. Ben Ray Luján took to Twitter in an apparent attempt at bolstering his social media presence, while bashing President Trump and his huge Latino following.

In a myriad of tweets and Facebook posts, Luján mocked a Republican National Committee Twitter post showing booming New Mexico numbers, including the low 4.9% unemployment rate, and 34,600 jobs added to New Mexico’s economy, among others.

Luján replied with a snarky “Don’t count on it. @realDonaldTrump has filed for bankruptcy more recently than New Mexico voters have chosen a Republican president.”

Despite Luján’s cockiness, President Trump only lost New Mexico in 2016 by 8.2%, with Gary Johnson taking 9.34% of the vote, many of those votes leaning right. And President Trump came to the Land of Enchantment twice in 2016, whereas Hillary Clinton never stepped foot on New Mexico soil the entire election season.

Trump’s recent rally in Rio Rancho rally showed a record 40% of attendees being Latinos and 31% registered Democrat.

Luján’s tweets seem to be a desperate defense against the strong Latino support of the President, which could very well tip the scale in Trump’s favor, especially since Libertarians will not be on the ballot in 2020, as their major party status is dead and gone.

As for Ben Ray Lujan’s “bankruptcy” comment, President Trump has only filed for bankruptcy six (6) times out of his 500+ companies run. That’s only a 1.2% rate of failure, whereas, Ben Ray Lujan’s record is not as successful. In his 11 years in Congress, he has not passed one bill of his own, during either a Republican or Democrat administration.

A day after Luján’s “bankruptcy” tweet, he posted about former U.S. Senator Dennis
Chávez, in an apparent attempt at trying to equate himself to the late, great Hispanic lawmaker.

Later, Luján appeared to mock Latino Trump supporters by quoting a left-wing The Hill article which bashed the President for focusing on Latino supporters. As we saw from the rally’s attendees, there are MANY Hispanics supporting Trump, and more are walking away from the Democrat Party every day.

Ben Ray Luján may have a Hispanic last name and come from New Mexico, but his policy positions are in stark contrast to the people of New Mexico, who value traditional family values their 2nd Amendment, secure borders, and the ability to choose their health care. Lujan supports abortion up-to-birth, gun control, amnesty for criminal aliens, and socialized medicine, to name a few key issues.

No wonder Hispanic and Latino New Mexicans are leaving the Democrat Party and switching to Republican, where diversity of heritage and opinion are valued. Luján is getting cocky, which is exactly what loser Hillary Clinton did before she handily lost the 2020 election to President Donald J. Trump.

Republicans still have a lot of work to do, but with the right message, we will keep on winning new voters, and win seats up and down the ballot. I also doubt Republicans will feel the need to invoke the names of late, great lawmakers in the attempt to boost their fragile, out-of-touch egos.

4 thoughts on “GETTING COCKY: Luján touts Dem 2020 odds, mocks Latino Trump voters”

  1. I was at the rally and the energy was positive and electric. If there is a candidate that can turn NM Red, it might be Trump.

    You better check your facts on the 2020 LP ballot access, I believe that will be their last year, but I’m pretty sure I’m right.

  2. Ben Ray Lujan has one thing going for him, i.e., his last name. He has never been an effective congressman for his district. The right Republican can beat him in the 2020 general election, but it must be The Right Republican. I’m think Gavin Clarkson. He is smart, well educated, articulate, and he is a Native American of Choctaw descent.

  3. This Hispanic is 100% all the way for President Trump 2020 now and forever. Never for Ben Ray Lujan and the Democratic party!

  4. I’m Hispanic and believe in My President. He is bringing back self respect for people, and taking the American worker out of the grips of big Government. More taxation I don’t think so I want to keep what I have worked for. Trump 2020. Fight for our state back vote the Dems out of office. Don’t let fool You Socialism has nothing to do with Democracy.

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