Dems to Torres Small: ‘support impeachment or lose my vote’ in 2020

On Tuesday, upon Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s call for the impeachment of President Trump, Democrats flooded Rep. Xochitl Torres Small’s Twitter comments demanding she sign on to an impeachment inquiry, or they would not vote for her in 2020.

The impeachment issue puts Torres Small on the hot plate, especially since Democrat voter turnout (and other things) are what put her over the finish line in 2018, to win her seat.

One Twitter commenter wrote, “Called my Rep as I have done for months Xochitl Torres Small, left msg to vote for impeachment or forget my vote upon her re-election!!!”

Another person wrote, “Your constituents are waiting for you to add your voice to the call for #ImpeachmentHearingsNOW @RepTorresSmall – your silence is deeply worrisome.”

Dozens other made similar tweets, commenting “I will not be supporting you this time around unless you join your fellow NM Congress people and stand up for the constitution and rule of law. #ImpeachmentInquiry.”

According to a news statement sent by Rep. Torres Small’s office, she said: “Congress has a legal right to see the full details of any whistleblower complaint, especially those that involve our nation’s security.” She continued, “Through the coming weeks and months, I will act to support and defend the Constitution by insisting on a transparent process that fully informs the American people and restores trust and faith in our system.”

Torres Small’s office sent out a clarification on her statement, adding “This is a threat to our national security, and it must be taken seriously.”

Xochitl Torres Small is apparently looking to walk a fine line on the impeachment issue, since she is a Democrat in an R+6 district, and barely won in 2018.

According to a Politico report, Xochitl Torres Small previously voiced concern in a meeting with Democrat Party leadership, where she said “widespread confusion” would overshadow her policy agenda. Her pleas come despite her legislative record that leans far-left.

Although she’s looking to paint herself as an “independent” voice going into 2020, she previously voted with the far-left of her party on legislation that puts men in girls’ bathrooms and forced “universal background checks.” Torres Small also supports amnesty for criminal aliens, abortion up-to-birth, and radical “climate change” actions.

So, will Xochitl Torres Small support Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s formal impeachment inquiry, or will she reject her party leadership and many of her Democrat constituents and vote against it for potential political survival?

1 thought on “Dems to Torres Small: ‘support impeachment or lose my vote’ in 2020”

  1. She’s in a damned if she does, or damned if she doesn’t vote for impeachment.

    If she does indeed vote to impeach President Trump, her chances for re-election will be slim to none.

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