We have so much to be thankful for

This Thanksgiving, we will celebrate together, united as one nation. Some may still have heavy hearts from this past election, and thoughts of an uncertain future. I am not here to attempt to ease the painful effects of peoples’ votes, nor am I here to lament our losses further. Instead, let’s focus on the many blessings we still have as Americans and be thankful for the bright future our country has. Here’s the list:

1. President Trump & Vice President Pence

President Trump with the troops 
Vice President Pence saluting a veteran

Back in 2015, I remember being back at college when Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the Presidency of the United States. From day one, I jumped on the Trump train because I knew he was the only way forward for America. Many people gave me a hard time and laughed in my face at the idea that I seriously was supporting Trump, especially many of my fellow Republicans, who practically guaranteed me Trump wouldn’t win.

I ignored them and attended as many Trump rallies as possible, plastered Trump signs around town, and supported our future president on social media. Almost three years later, Trump is doing a great job as President, and we have a lot to be thankful for in his work to bring America back to the great nation we once were.

Vice President Pence is a total champion for patriotism, upholding traditional American values, and honoring our military. We are incredibly lucky to have a vice president who cares so much about us that he has traveled three times to the sate for rallies. He makes us darn proud.

2.  Republican Senate Majority

Newly-elected Republican Senators pose with Majority Leader McConnell

Okay, so we lost the House. Lots of our favorite members did not make it, and many of our local NM House members lost their seats also. Michelle Lujan Grisham won the governorship, and Democrats swept the floor with us here in New Mexico. These losses are terrible, but we must be thankful that we have a comfortable majority in the U.S. Senate. The victories of Senators-elect Josh Hawley (R-MO), Mike Braun (R-IN), Rick Scott (R-FL), Kevin Cramer (R-ND) were historic for a midterm election, and a momentous turning point for judicial appointments on all levels of the judiciary.

The strong majority means there is a comfortable margin to confirm President Trump’s cabinet appointees, as well as approve treaties much easier by ⅔ vote, if applicable. The tremendous power garnered in the Senate is a massive game changer for the United States Congress, and will be a test of bipartisanship in the House to bring more moderate bills to the Senate for approval. Let’s just say in the next Congress, if the House passes amnesty, pro-abortion, or legislation about anything liberal socially or fiscally, they will be stymied by the Senate. The GOP in control in the Senate is definitely something to be thankful for.

3. The U.S. Military

Congressman Steve Pearce (left), shakes hands with Maj. Matthew Marshall, 54th Fighter Group fighter pilot, after a successful training mission flight, Dec. 16, 2016

In New Mexico, we are very fortunate to have five military bases in our state: Cannon Air Force Base (Curry, NM), Holloman Air Force Base (Otero, NM), Kirtland Air Force Base (Bernalillo, NM), White Sands Missile Range Army Base (Otero, NM), and Los Alamos Demolition Army Base (North Central, NM). The brave men and women who choose to stand on the front lines and fight for our beautiful country are the best of our nation, and I am eternally grateful for them and their boundless perseverance in keeping us safe. I am sure I speak for all of the readers of the blog by assuring those men and women fighting at home and abroad that we stand behind them 100%, and they should come first. God bless our veterans.

4. Police/First Responders

Police cadets stand during their graduation ceremony in May 2018 (ABQ Journal)

Just as the Military keeps our country safe, I am also grateful for the brave men and women in Law Enforcement and serving as First Responders. These courageous men and women risk their lives each day when they put on their uniforms and fight to keep the peace in our communities, and respond to our dire needs, be them fires, medical emergencies, or any other such event that requires us to call on their help. Police and First Responders give us the safety we need locally, and I am forever grateful to them as well for their selfless service. God bless them.

5. Strong Leadership in our State House of Representatives

Although we lost a few seats in this month’s election, I am ecstatic to know us Republicans are in good hands in the House, with newly elected Minority Leader James “Jim” Townsend and Rod Montoya remaining as Minority Whip. In 2016, I worked the legislative session, serving in the House Energy & Resources Committee, then chaired by Rep. James Strickler. Rep. Townsend was always on-point with his talking points, and one of the sharpest legislators I have seen in a while. He and Rep. Larry Scott were the Mavericks in that committee, hard at work fighting for oil country, and the strong economies down south. We can rest assured that Minority Leader Jim Townsend has our backs, and will fight hard for our New Mexico values!

Minority Leader James Townsend
Minority Whip Rod Montoya

6. Our Right to Vote

New Mexico State Capitol in Santa Fe

Even though elections may not go our way sometimes, we are lucky as Americans that we have mostly free and fair elections. We are each guaranteed that right, something that people in places such as Venezuela do not have, especially now that they are under a dictatorship by Nicolás Maduro. Because our elections are free and fair, we can know that most of our elections have not been stolen (except in Doña Ana County.)

Delicious New Mexico Thanksgiving meal

As New Mexicans, let’s take the opportunity this Thanksgiving to be grateful for the many blessings we do have and remember that together, we can do amazing things. There are so many possibilities for us to grow our state and our nation, and we have great people keeping us safe in our communities while we work to make America great again! Now, let’s smother our plates with red and green chile (Christmas) and talk about how good we have it as New Mexicans! We can have Christmas whenever we want! How great is that? God bless everyone this Thanksgiving! (Even our liberal family and friends). They need our prayers and good thoughts too. 

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