Media capitalizing on migrant suffering

In a piece published yesterday by the New York Times, a big contradiction was made about the migrant invasion happening at the U.S.-Mexico border. The first paragraph of the article reads:

A peaceful march by Central American migrants waiting at the southwestern United States border veered out of control on Sunday afternoon, as hundreds of people tried to evade a Mexican police blockade and run toward a giant border crossing that leads into San Diego.

I want to point out the words “peaceful march,” and “evade a Mexican police blockade.” If what they are calling a “peaceful march” involves disrupting the jobs of law enforcement, illegally attempting to trespass into another country, and destroying property (i.e., the border fence), then the last thing I would call that is “peaceful.”

After the violent mob “threw rocks and bottles” at law enforcement, Customs and Border Protection officers were forced to use tear gas, and close the San Ysidro border crossing, which has 100,000 visitors per day. Not only was the migrant invasion violent, but it also hindered immigrants from passing through the intersection legally.

One of the fake news media’s favorite images of a migrant woman with her children running away from tear gas. (AP)

The New York Times and the Washington Post do not point out that this mob was attempting to break into the United States illegally despite multiple warnings by President Trump and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Regardless, the fake news media continue to manipulate the migrants’ predicament by writing about how sad the migrants are about not getting into the U.S. The Times quotes a snippet from a migrant named Fani Caballero, saying “We thought it would be easier” to get in, and “Now, I guess I’ll just wait my turn, because I can’t go back to my country.”

According to Mexican Interior Minister Alfonso Navarette, the group of migrants “had asked for help to organize the demonstration but were then reportedly encouraged by some of the movement’s leaders to split into different groups so they could make a run for the border and try to cross into the US” while holding signs saying “We aren’t criminals! We are hard workers!” The people running the migrant show don’t seem like they are encouraging “hard work” by trying to barge into another country, instead of doing it the right way by waiting in line.

If the warnings that DHS had repeatedly released were passed to these migrants instead of being suppressed by the orchestrators of this so-called “caravan” to manipulate media, then Fani Caballero would probably not have been led on to think she could have just strolled right across the border into America. She also wouldn’t have to make the hard choice of staying in Mexico while she waits in line. Left-wing media is using the suffering of migrants to manipulate ratings, and it is absolutely vile.

Left-wing media is using the suffering of migrants to manipulate ratings, and it is absolutely vile.


The time has come when we as Americans must stand up for our country and refuse to accept the contradictions and deceit spewed out by the left-wing media. It is one thing to report the facts, and it’s another thing to label a violent mob of people ravaging a border crossing as a “peaceful march.” The suppression of information by fake news and the manipulation of impoverished Central American immigrants by “caravan” orchestrators is not okay and is a human rights violation in itself.

It is shameful that provocateurs like this are allowed to live in this world, intent on hurting innocent people, especially migrants to sell papers or get ratings. It’s disgusting, and a contemptible way to treat fellow human beings.

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