Is Maggie Toulouse Oliver the Fox Guarding the Hen House?

Yesterday, Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver announced her bid for United States Senate, despite being up against Rep. Ben Ray Lujàn, the 4th ranking Democrat in Congress. It seems odd how confident Oliver comes across about her campaign, entitled even, especially with her deep-pocketed, well-connected competition. What does she have to be so overtly-cocky about?

But then it hit me: of course Maggie is confident in her bid for U.S. Senate. No other person in New Mexico has the authority she does to oversee elections in the state. If anyone were to have the power to suddenly add or subtract votes to a candidate’s tally, it would be her. Now, by no means am I implying Oliver would rig an election, but many anomalies have been found under her leadership.

Last Election, in New Mexico’s very tight 2nd Congressional district race, it just so happened Republican Yvette Herrell was up in the vote count late in the evening. However, the Secretary of State’s office announced that ballots would cease to be counted until the next morning. From the time counting stopped to when it resumed in the morning, there would be ample time for the outcome to flip, be it organically or by the hands of the vote counters.

Lo and behold, the next morning, ballots were miraculously found for Democrat Xochitl Torres Small, in counties where Small lost handily, such as in heavily-Republican Eddy County, only receiving 30% of the vote, but her absentee number was a much higher 54.7%, close to double. According to the report conducted after the election, “These anomalies are not simply organic. Reviewing the historical returns in the CD2 district, over the last five election cycles, the same degrees of variation between absentee votes and EV/ED votes do not exist in CD2 in any cycle to the degree found in the 2018 race.”

Other major anomalies occurred, but the most malevolent of them is the 25% of absentee voters who requested ballots in Doña Ana County, never returned them, a number that rarely reaches 5%. According to the report:

“it is probably the strongest purely statistical red flag present in this whole election  — of the possibility that someone was submitting absentee ballot applications for Democrats. There is also a significantly high number of duplicate applications — where one voter supposedly submitted more than one absentee ballot application or submitted an absentee application after the absentee ballot had been received, or the voter had voted in person. In many of these cases the signature on the duplicate applications do not match each other.”

Since Xochitl Torres Small is now sitting in Congress and Yvette Herrell isn’t, you be the judge if the election was stolen, despite the major anomalies occurring across the board in the 2nd Congressional district. Maggie Toulouse Oliver is the chief election official in New Mexico, and it is under her watch that election meddling seemed to happen in this race.

If this is indeed the case, Maggie Toulouse Oliver could hypothetically help her own U.S. Senate bid against Ben Ray Luján in the Democrat primary. This may or may not be a reason she seems so confident in her long-shot race.

Maggie’s Political Activism While In Office

Despite Oliver’s job requiring her full impartiality in elections, she has meddled time and time again, to try and secure her party more electoral victories. Most notably, she lost a New Mexico Supreme Court case, were she attempted to reinstate straight-party voting in the state, however, it was ruled unconstitutional.

Maggie Toulouse Oliver also helped shepheard through a bill this legislature that instituted same-day voter registration, even going so far as to pen an op-ed about it in the New Mexico Political Report, a left-wing media site run by ProgressNow New Mexico. With the instatement of same-day voter registration, it leaves open a massive void for vast election fraud, especially since thousands of people can’t be vetted and put into the state’s systems at the time that unregistered persons show up to vote.

The same-day voter registration leaves open possibilities for massive voter anomalies, much like what we saw in the 2nd Congressional District race, where it’s highly likely that vast election fraud occurred.

Most recently, Oliver has thrice rejected a citizen petition for a referendum to reverse New Mexico’s recently-passed overreaching firearm background check law. This rejection comes after 29 of New Mexico’s 33 counties passed “2nd Amendment Sanctuary” resolutions, clearly the will of the people to not have burdensome, unconstitutional gun-grabbing laws.

Republican House Leader Rep. Jim Townsend said that “If the Secretary of State thinks she can dispatch a couple of letters and make this issue go away, she’s wrong. I’m going to continue to my fight to allow New Mexicans to have a direct say on this far-reaching legislation that will restrict their constitutional rights. Every option is on the table.” Gun owners continue to fight Oliver’s bureaucratic stubbornness, especially since the gun-grabbing law is wildly unconstitutional. It is her duty to listen to the will of the people, but since gun owners aren’t traditionally in her extremist left-wing base, she ignores them.

Oliver’s Political Bias Against Conservatives Proves She Cannot Fairly Oversee New Mexico Elections, Much Less Her Own for the U.S. Senate

Given Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s overtly political crusades against conservatives while in office, and her extremist left-wing agenda to back the “Green New Deal,” support abortion up-to-birth, and get behind a socialized “Medicare for all” system, her actions in office substantiate the concerns of many New Mexicans that her political opportunism is clouding her judgement as our state’s chief election official. Her eerily similar announcement video to that of Joe Biden, invoking images of white supremacists in Charlottesville, NC raises questions about coordination with other highly-polarizing candidates also.

Toulouse Oliver’s Announcement Video

On Wednesday, Republican Party Chairman Rep. Steve Pearce called for Oliver’s resignation, saying “As the state’s chief election officer, Toulouse Oliver should not make voters questions the integrity of this election by overseeing a high-stakes primary election in which she is a candidate for another office.”

Oliver’s involvement in overseeing her own Democrat primary and general election bid to be the next U.S. Senator from New Mexico is a blatant conflict of interest, and I agree with Chairman Pearce in calling for her immediate resignation.

Voting anomalies like those that occurred in 2018 must be avoided at all costs, as the election must be carried out as impartially as possible. There are absolutely no signs that Toulouse Oliver has clear eyes on a fair election, and it is of utmost importance that she step aside as Secretary of State, for her political bias is more apparent now than ever before.

The fox may indeed be guarding the hen house this election, and if Maggie Toulouse Oliver is allowed to preside over her own primary, we are looking at the possibility of rampant voter fraud ultimately leading to her unlikely victory in her primary. This highly unlikely event that New Mexicans will come out in droves for a secretary of state riddled in scandal over a long-time congressman simply because she is a woman does not add up with reality

There’s the smell of potential fraud in the air, and if something doesn’t happen to stop Oliver from presiding over the next election, we all will have to pay the consequences for decades to come.

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