Democratic Primary Rigged – Wikileaks

A recent leak from Wikileaks shows the staggering revelation that the Democratic National Committee has been plotting against the Sanders campaign the entire election season, guaranteeing Clinton the nomination. This primary season has had many allegations of foul play in the Democratic primaries against Sanders and now there is concrete evidence in his favor. DNC chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been under fire for the corrupt “superdelegate” system this primary by Sanders and Republicans, but in reality, Sanders did not have a chance when it came to the primary.

There are tens of thousands of emails included in the leak, and some emails containing incriminating information. There have been numerous email conversations between Laura Meckler of the Wall Street Journal and Miranda Luis of the DNC, uncovering off the record statements against the Sanders campaign. An email conversation from May 5-11, 2016 concerns the drafting committee and the appointments made by Wasserman Schultz. Luis asked for the letter addressed to Wasserman Schultz from Sanders regarding the appointments to the drafting committee of the DNC. Meckler replied saying “ OFF THE RECORD, You didn’t get this from me. They didn’t send it to us before planting the story. We’re operating in good faith.”



The attached letter revealed Sanders’ concerns, saying that he was disappointed that only 2 of the people he submitted to the committee appointments were chosen of the 40 he proposed. Sanders wrote “You did not assign even one of the people submitted by our campaign to the very important Rules Committee of the Democratic National Convention. If we are to have a unified party in the fall, no matter who wins the nomination, we cannot have a Democratic National Convention in which the views of millions of people who participated in the Democratic nominating process are unrepresented in the committee membership appointed by you, the Chair” The question Sanders poses is a reasonable one, but it seems Shultz’s view was much different.



Meckler asked in a following email to Louis, “So then I think DWS didn’t answer my question– will her appointments to the drafting committee reflect the votes [Sanders and Clinton] each got? I asked that, and she said the appointments had already been made…” The follow-up response was vague, pointing to a press release, quoting Wasserman Schultz’s statement “This slate represents the great variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences that make up our Party. We wanted to make sure that the diversity of our party was reflected to the highest levels in terms of race, gender, age, and geography and feel confident that these individuals will do a tremendous job in this capacity.” Another email from Meckler says off “Off the record, the only reason the Sanders camp even sent that letter is that she was courteous enough to reach out to give both camps representation, but the appointments – the 15 to the drafting committee – are at the Chair’s discretion. Again, she reached out to be inclusive.” In short, the email does not answer the question directly whether the DNC appropriately made those appointments.



Another email sent by Maria Cardona to Miranda Lewis of the DNC regards a possible CNN story; that is targeted against Sanders. A quote from the email reads “Or [Sanders] can continue going after Secretary Clinton, making his supporters believe he can still win the nomination, and when he doesn’t, make it that much harder for them to unite with other Democrats against our real common foes – the Republicans and Donald Trump – and ensuring they do not step foot in the White House. This is our most important task at hand, and I will bet on Bernie doing the right thing.” The email was sent on the 18th of May, far from Hillary’s win of the nomination.

Louis’ reply to the emails is brief, saying “[The article is] fine with me, but the Clinton campaign would probably ask you not to place it.” It seems the DNC is hesitant to be biased but thinks more about what the Clinton campaign thinks than Senator Sanders’.  The emails give insight to the DNC’s bias against the Sanders campaign, and an almost definite knowledge of Sanders’ defeat months before his concession and loss.

The emails mentioned in this article are far from the summation of the incriminating evidence against the DNC. Within the week, Join The Block Party will keep its readers updated with the corruption and possible graft in the Clinton Camp, showing their ties to the DNC chair, Wasserman Schultz.

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