Clinton’s VP is Just as Expected

Hillary Clinton this evening chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate. In desperation to call out to millennial voters, she sent out her announcement via text message, in competition with Trump’s mad Twitter skills. Touting in an interview with the New York Times, Clinton said she would “[avoid] taking a chance with a less experienced vice-presidential candidate and felt no political need to push the historic nature of her candidacy by adding another woman or a minority to the ticket.” She has said more insulting statements that offend women, such as her campaign slogan “I’m with her,” but her bland choice was no surprise for the woman who is addicted to her beloved establishment rhetoric and bore.


Pence’s new set of wings. Instagram

With Kaine opposing Pence, it is clear the vice presidential debates are sure to attract no attention and give an even bigger spotlight to their candidates. The Clinton camp has raised a copious amount of money, but we at  Join the Block Party wonder if Clinton will be as generous as Trump is with her gifts for Kaine. Today, the Trump camp revealed a brand new Boeing plane for Pence to campaign with. The grandeur of the Trump campaign overshadows Clinton’s bland choice with one simple purchase of a plane. Frankly, we are not impressed with Clinton’s choice.



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