Clinton & Kaine Hit the Trail

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s new running mate, in a lengthy speech at a Florida rally, did as expected and pandered to the far left crowd about gun control and you guessed it; Donald Trump. Kaine said at the rally, “ When Donald Trump says he has your back, you better watch out.” He went on to say, “[Trump] leaves a trail of broken promises and wrecked lives everywhere he goes.” and “Hillary Clinton is the direct opposite of Donald Trump.” Kaine’s words sound good, but in reality, are not factual.

At Join The Block Party, we pride ourselves on telling the truth, and part of that involves not spreading rumors to be untrue to our readers. Kaine should also live by these principles, because if he thinks Hillary Clinton has not “wrecked lives,” he is wrong. In Benghazi, Libya in 2012, Hillary Clinton left U.S. Department of State personnel defenseless as they fought radical Islamic terrorists. Our American diplomat to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens was one of the four brave men left for dead in Libya, and we beg to differ with Kaine’s claims that Clinton “has [our] backs.”

The speech went on, and Kaine chose to speak about gun control (go figure). He said that he “will not rest until we get universal background checks.” He pontificated to the audience that it was the will of most Americans and the NRA, (which evidently was not fact checked). Kaine seems like a great addition to the Clinton campaign, in the respect that he has an aptitude for regurgitating Clinton’s policies and attacking Trump. Trump has already developed a name for Kaine; that will flatter his already popular name for Hillary; Crooked Hillary. Trump chose “Corrupt Kaine,” and it seems to be already taking social media by firestorm. We will just have to see how the Clinton/Kaine campaign decides to campaign in the following months.

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