Democrat state Rep. wants illegal aliens to teach your kids

Last year, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed into law the “Grow Your Own Teacher Act,” which is a scholarship aimed at Educational Assistants who are completing their coursework to become teachers, which costs taxpayers approximately $2.5 million each year, according to the New Mexico Legislature’s fiscal impact report on the bill. 

On Tuesday, New Mexico state Rep. Javier Martíez took to Twitter to complain that the act does not go far enough, wishing for the act to include illegal aliens to work in classrooms along with kids. According to Martíez, “the statute defines Educational Assistants, in part, as U.S. Citizens,” which he has a problem with. 

Martíez seems to want both law-breaking illegal migrants as well as legal citizens to benefit from the law, and according to Martíez’s tweet, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is on board with the change. 

As well as Gov. Lujan Grisham, Martíez looks to partner with the radical dark money “nonprofit” group “NM Dream Team,” which pushes for extremist legislation which benefits illegal immigrants in New Mexico. NM Dream Team has deep ties to Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who has pushed for legislation benefitting illegal aliens in elections. 

Toulouse Oliver can be spotted with Joy Garratt, who sponsored the “Grow Your Own Teacher Act” at a far-left “Emerge NM” event: 

As well, Maggie has been photographed with the NM Dream Team, as well as other left-wing politicians, such as Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland, who posed with activists wearing “Abolish ICE and CBP” t-shirts and spoke at rallies.

The move by Rep. Javier Martíez is just another step to further a culture of lawlessness in New Mexico, but now actively looking to put illegal aliens in schools with young children. A person who broke laws to get to America does not seem like the ideal role model for children, still learning right and wrong. Rewarding illegal aliens for breaking laws is just another reason why left-wing politicians are not helping New Mexicans, and need to be defeated in 2020. 

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  1. ” … A person who broke laws to get to America does not seem like the ideal role model for children, still learning right and wrong…”

    I agree, but leftist Democrat activists in NM and elsewhere around the country could care less about what’s right and what’s wrong.