Democratic Primary Rigged – Wikileaks

A recent leak from Wikileaks shows the staggering revelation that the Democratic National Committee has been plotting against the Sanders campaign the entire election season, guaranteeing Clinton the nomination. This primary season has had many allegations of foul play in the Democratic primaries against Sanders and now there is concrete evidence in his favor.…

Clinton’s VP is Just as Expected

Hillary Clinton this evening chose Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia as her running mate. In desperation to call out to millennial voters, she sent out her announcement via text message, in competition with Trump’s mad Twitter skills. Touting in an interview with the New York Times, Clinton said she would “[avoid] taking a chance with a less experienced vice-presidential candidate and felt no political need to push the historic nature of her candidacy by adding another woman or a minority to the ticket.”…

Republican Convention Opens with Excitement

CLEVELAND – Monday at the 2016 Republican Convention, it was difficult to find a dull moment. As the rules committee attempted the adoption of the party platform, the “Never Trumpers” were at it again, desperate in every attempt to dismantle the overwhelming support for Donald J.

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