PETITION: Demand Ben Ray Luján Resign

Please sign the petition to demand Rep. Ben Ray Luján immediately resign from Congress:

PETITION: Demand Ben Ray Luján Resign

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End date: May 01, 2020

Signatures collected: 1393

Signature goal: 51734

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Signature goal: 51734

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Dear Rep. Ben Ray Lujan,

As a citizen of the great state of New Mexico, I demand you resign from your position as U.S. Representative of the 3rd Congressional District for these reasons:

  • Rather than focus on the people of New Mexico, you have worked with radical members of Congress, including Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) to attempt the impeachment of duly-elected President Trump.
  • You support abortion up-to-birth, by rejecting any government regulation on abortion and partnering with abortion extremist groups, including Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, and NARAL. You have also refused to sign the discharge petition to vote on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which gives standard medical care for babies who have survived botched abortions.
  • During your 10.5 years in Congress, not a single bill of the 46 you have sponsored has become law, according to, although you have lied, saying some have.
  • You refuse to spend time with your constituents in New Mexico, not even showing up in New Mexico on election day, when you were on the ballot. It’s unclear if you even voted for yourself.
  • You have endorsed the irresponsible, economically crippling Green New Deal, which would cost upwards of $93 trillion, including a cost of $600k per household.
  • You deceive constituents by saying you reject corporate PAC money, while still taking thousands from special interest PACs, and refusing to give back previous corporate PAC donations.
  • You support burdensome and unconstitutional gun legislation, which has earned you the endorsements of far-left anti-gun groups.
  • You look to move to a higher office while neglecting the constituents who elected you in CD3 for over a decade.

For the above reasons, not to mention your multiple other offenses throughout the years, I demand you immediately resign from the U.S. House of Representatives.



13 thoughts on “PETITION: Demand Ben Ray Luján Resign”

  1. Just one more of the useless, America hating, obstructionists in our government. He and the rest of the present government need to go. As with the upcoming presidential election… Vote RED or America and New Mexico are dead.

  2. And withdraw from running in the senate race .we do not need another Socialist in goverment represent our state of New Mexico.

  3. This a country for the people by the people not your agendas. Resign you are not for New Mexico you are against us .

  4. pushing the status quo and avoidance neglect of your people in your district is not why you were ected and voted for , like the other older politocos fm this district. Not one to include MLG nor SUSANA MTZ nor all of these elected officials ever approached my cause mission and crusade going on for over 3 yrs untill now maybe with senor sanchez whom is at least speaking w me on issues. Im not alone on this, over 5k signing petitions and 18 k following nationwide

  5. Benny boy willsay anything that nasty Nancy tell’s him to say. He doesn’t care about Citizens of this Country only the party.

  6. Just do yourself and all New Mexicans a big favor and go away…but please take Michelle with you. Neither of you are good for our state muchless our country.

  7. Lujan you are the type of government employee that has only one thing on your mind…….your own self interests and that of radical left wing nut jobs! You need to resign and the sooner the better!!

  8. We are Trump supporters and this official along with the govern are defying all that our President Trump does. They encourage illegals to come across the border & now free college at the taxpayers expense. We can’t afford to let the Democrats remain in office. We did not vote to put them in office but definitely want you out! Vote RED !

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