MLG creates special unit to round up fugitives, ignores 60k+ criminal aliens living in NM

On Wednesday, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced an executive order to create a new commission to round up hundreds of fugitives charged with violent crimes.

The New Mexico Administrative Office of the District Attorneys has identified more than 1,600 outstanding bench warrants for persons charged with violent crimes. A bench warrant is issued when someone charged with a crime fails to appear in court as ordered.

The new unit, which Grisham is calling the Fugitive Apprehension Unit will consist of at least seven state police officers and at least seven New Mexico Corrections Department staff members. 

According to the press release, Grisham stated, “Our justice system is undermined when people accused of serious criminal offenses evade prosecution.” She continued, “We need to explore every avenue for increasing public safety in New Mexico; we need to be smart on crime while being tough on crime.”

Grisham’s statement is in contrast to her actions, especially regarding illegal immigration, when she ordered the New Mexico National Guard to abandon the Southern Border with Mexico, making it easier for criminal aliens to penetrate the border and flood into the United States.

According to Pew Research, over 60,000 criminal aliens exist in New Mexico, which is a low estimate, since there is no telling exactly how many of these unauthorized criminals are in our state at any given time. 

In August, Grisham refused to hand over employment records to Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which would act very similar to her newly-created force to find and deport illegal migrants in the country.

It seems Grisham looks to be tough on crime for offenders legally in New Mexico but will let illegal migrants live here, without the threat of legal action.

create a new commission to round up hundreds of fugitives charged with violent crimes.

The move looks to

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