Michelle Lujan Grisham and KOAT News Reporter (Source: KOAT News 7)

Local TV station gives illegal aliens tips to dodge ICE

On Wednesday, one of New Mexico’s local TV outlets, KOAT 7, ran a story featuring Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, where she accused Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of refusing to stop “bad actors in border states” to instead focus on “political activity.” Ironic, how Grisham is quick to discount the tireless work of ICE officials, accusing them of ignoring crime on the border, while she has only added to the crisis by aiding and abetting these migrants in state-run facilities and removed the New Mexico National Guard from the border. She doesn’t, however, mention that all illegal aliens are “bad actors” since they broke U.S. federal law to exist in the country illegally.

The governor went on to comment that President Trump’s decision to remove millions of criminal aliens from the U.S. is “an effort to leverage resources for the wall,” calling the measure “horrifying.”

After Grisham’s sound bite, KOAT 7 featured an interview with Roxie De Santiago, an attorney who helps illegal aliens dodge ICE, and provided some tips to illegal viewers of the program, saying “You don’t have to provide them any information whatsoever. You don’t have to give them your name, you don’t have to give them your paperwork, because anything that you give them, means that they can now prove you’re in the country illegally.”

The segment also included input from the station itself, with the reporter saying “Based on Fifth Amendment rights, those who are undocumented have the right to remain silent. ICE officials also can’t enter someone’s home without a warrant.”

De Santiago also added that “there are a lot of nonprofit organizations that will give you a little card that outlines your rights. On the little card, it will also say, ‘I’m represented by an attorney, contact my attorney.’”

KOAT 7’s and De Santiago’s tips adversely affect law enforcement officials, who are merely doing their jobs by protecting the homeland from illegal migrants, all of whom have broken the law by existing in the country without permission.

By giving tips for illegal migrants to dodge ICE, this local station is promoting lawlessness in New Mexico, and hurting Federal law enforcement from carrying out their duties. Not once in the segment is an opposing view featured, nor any mention that crossing the border illegally is, in fact, ILLEGAL.
KOAT 7 has proven by this “news” piece, and others like it, such as a feature lauding Albuquerque’s $30,000 “rainbow crosswalk,” that the station has lost all objectivity in reporting, merely to exist as a resource for liberal policymakers and causes to have their stories covered in a positive light.

9 thoughts on “Local TV station gives illegal aliens tips to dodge ICE”

  1. An old “Smarty Marty” saying comes to mind. It’s all OK, until you get caught. Past Albuquerque Mayor Martin Chavez said that. It is sad that a lot of people in this state think the same way. All 4 Local TV stations are “Fake News”. Our fabulous Albuquerque Journal certainly is not any better. WE ARE A POOR STATE, because we keep on electing people that keep us POOR!!! It is up to everyone to educate themselves. Do Not be lazy.

  2. Charles R. Maler Jr

    Local TV station gives illegal aliens tips to dodge ICE: This was a poor choice and does not fit the purpose of reporting news.
    In addition, assisting criminals in avoiding U.S. Law Enforcement is a despicable act for any citizen of the United States. Finally, the U. S. Constitution and associated Amendments along with the Bill of Rights were written to apply to citizens of the United States of America and not any other nation.

  3. I am disappointed that you would post a message like this advising illegal immigrants on how to beat the system. Illegal immigration is a big problem for this nation and for New Mexico in particular. It appears that you are taking the extreme “open borders” position and are nothing but a propaganda arm of the progressives making up the Democratic Party. So much for objective news reporting.

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