Despite what NM Dems say, Trump and his supporters are not racist

New Mexico, which is full of beautiful age-old cultures and diverse people, is a place where new ideas and perspectives meet. Our beautiful differences in culture are not our only variances: believe it or not, people in New Mexico, who come from all walks of life, may disagree on politics and religion.

But as the extreme left-wing of the Democrat party has begun a divisive crusade, branding everyone who supports President Trump as ‘racist,’ that leaves hundreds of thousands of people in New Mexico who voted for Trump, a man who IS NOT A RACIST in any way, in an angering position.

Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver went on a hateful Twitter tirade, bashing President Trump with almost every word in the book, calling his recent comments (which don’t name any specific member of Congress, nor include any racial tones whatsoever), “racism, xenophobia, and sexism.” 

Oliver, who is running against Ben Ray Luján for the U.S. Senate, is not alone in her conquest to trash President Trump at every turn. Senator Martin Heinrich joined in on the “you’re racist” bandwagon, digging out the debunked conspiracy theory that somehow President Trump colluded with the Russians, saying “Inciting racism to stir up political conflict and bring out the worst in our country… wasn’t that the Russians’ strategy to help elect Trump in the first place? Maybe this is the collusion he has been denying in plain sight.” 

Yes, unfortunately this is the person who was delegated to “represent” New Mexicans in the U.S. Senate, and if Maggie gets her way, she will be sitting right alongside Heinrich, screeching slanderous conspiracy theories and insults at the top of their lungs in the attempt to “RESIST” President Trump for anything and everything. 

Another U.S. Senate candidate, Ben Ray Luján sent out a cowardly email saying “I’m not afraid to say it: Donald Trump is a racist.” The most hilarious part about the email was that it was sent to people who signed up to his campaign’s email list, and he didn’t write anything nearly as blunt on his social media accounts. If he REALLY is “not afraid” to say Trump is a “racist,” why is it he is only saying this to a small group of people who opted in to his email list?

Screenshot of Ben Ray’s fundraising email calling President Trump a “racist.”

Sen. Tom Udall couldn’t help himself either, repeating similar sentiments, accusing the President of “racism” and “bigotry,” with the Demand that every Republican and Democrat member of Congress denounce Trump. He also continued to call President Trump’s language “antithetical to everything this nation stands for.” Apparently, Ol’ Tom has been asleep or living under a rock for the past few years, as members of his own party have relentlessly spewed racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric, while he has remained silent. 

Also, Tom has advocated for disobeying U.S. laws by supporting illegal migration to our country, so his claim that Trump’s very accurate tweet was “antithetical” to American values is not only idiotic but another reason why we will not miss the guy in the Senate. 

Other members issued similar “Trump is racist” responses, such as 1st District Rep. Deb Haaland, who called Trump’s tweet “politics of division,” even though she has been dividing New Mexicans her entire time in Congress, recently calling the Trump Administration’s change of the Title X rules to doctors from referring women for abortion “sexist and racist.” I would contend that the woman who is advocating for the killing of millions of unborn babies (most of which are babies of color, half being women) is a quite racist and sexist stance in itself.

Over 27.1% of abortions are performed on African American women, and 18.1% are performed on Hispanic women, with only 10% of white women, according to the left-wing Guttmacher Institute. 

Over 319,667 New Mexicans cast their vote for President Trump in 2016. According to the most recent Gallup polling, over 90% of Republicans support President Trump. By calling President Trump a racist, these Democrat politicians are trying to delegitimize him, and trying to desperately swing the 2020 election in the Democrats’ favor, despite all the people of color who support him.

On CNN, commentator Steve Cortes had to sit through a segment where a heavily racist contributor repeatedly told him he could not think for himself because he was a person of color and that he could not support President Trump, and not be a self-hater and a racist “no matter how hard [he tries.]” 

This is the kind of hate is what Hispanic Americans have to live through on a daily basis, with the Left branding us as “self-haters” and “racists” if we support President Trump, or vary from the leftist ideology on any issue. The fact that we are called racists while Rep. Ilhan Omar laughs about and praises Al Qaeda, who was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, calling the terrorist act “some people did something” is reprehensible. 

No, it is not racist to support President Trump or his comments, and it is VERY RACIST for Democrats to call anyone who does not agree with them, despite their skin color, a “traitor” to their race. It is also incredibly racist for liberals to spew horrendous anti-Semitic bigotry, without a word of dissent from the Democrat Party. 

This sickening banter is why New Mexicans must get out in droves to vote for Trump, especially since if Trump wins the national popular vote, he will win New Mexico in 2020. And how glorious that will be.

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