DESPERATION: Maggie reads Mueller Report LIVE after being outraised by Luján 5 to 1

On Tuesday afternoon, Maggie Toulouse Oliver went live on Facebook to read the “Mueller Report,” which totally exonerated President Trump, showing no collusion and no obstruction with the Trump Campaign and the Russian Government. 

Maggie follows in the footsteps of radical left-wing Congressmen Jerry Nadler (D-NY) and Adam “Pencil Neck” Schiff in reading aloud the full Mueller Report.

Toulouse Oliver’s campaign sent out an email announcing the event, which led to the video feed, showing the Secretary of State reading alone in a room to herself and an audience of approximately five people. 

One would have to wonder if she should be working at 3 pm on a Tuesday afternoon instead of reading a 300-page document live in front of a handful of leftist supporters…

The sad move comes as Maggie Toulouse Oliver is slipping dangerously behind her rival, Ben Ray Luján, who outraised her 5:1, with a war chest of $1.1 million to her meager $222,000. As the primary election draws near, more unhinged and hilariously desperate behavior is expected from Luján and Toulouse Oliver.

1 thought on “DESPERATION: Maggie reads Mueller Report LIVE after being outraised by Luján 5 to 1”

  1. Maggie Toulouse Oliver stands no chance of defeating Ben Ray Lujan. She should close her campaign and get back to doing the business of the Secretary of State.

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