Democrat v. Democrat: Serna fundraises off of Plame’s anti-Semitism

On Monday, Democrat candidate District Attorney Marco Serna (NM-1), sent out an email to supporters blasting his Democrat opponent, former CIA officer Valerie Plame, who shared a crude anti-Semitic article entitled “America’s Jews Are Driving America’s Wars.” 

The article makes the case that Jews should “recuse themselves when dealing with the Middle East,” a racist, bigoted, and hateful sentiment towards Jewish people. Serna repeatedly called Plame’s racism a “conspiracy theory” 

Serna’s email featured an article quote from The Jerusalem Post, saying “Most people don’t make mistakes and tweet that America’s Jews control America and cause America’s wars, unless they hate Jews.” 

Another quote featured was from the Jewish Federation of New Mexico, calling Plame’s anti-Semitic statements “horrendous.”  

Attached to Serna’s email (of course) was a “donate” link to his campaign website, begging for money. 

So, it looks like one Democrat (Plame) is hating on Jews, while another Democrat (Serna), is raising money off of Plame’s anti-Semitism, which is not much better.

1 thought on “Democrat v. Democrat: Serna fundraises off of Plame’s anti-Semitism”

  1. I wouldn’t vote for either of these Democrats but I would certainly prefer Mr. Serna as the nominee rather than the faux CIA spy, Valerie Plame. She is a liar and a political whore.

    A “political whore”, says the dictionary, is a politician that will sell out his or her own party and principles to move one step higher on the ladder. They are so slutty and nasty that nobody will touch them with a ten foot ballot.

    Yep, that explanation seems to aptly define Valerie Plame.

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