Xochitl Torres Small is no moderate: her rhetoric vs. her record

In recent weeks, vast misinformation campaigns have begun on behalf of the extremely vulnerable Democrat congresswoman from New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District, Xochitl Torres Small. The New Mexico Political Report, a far-left blog powered by ProgressNow NM reprinted an article originally appearing in the Colorado-based environmental journal, High Country News.…

ProgressNow NM calls pro-lifers ‘white supremacists’

Empowered by the callous anti-Semitic statements made by Rep. Ihlan Omar, leftists are spewing hateful, anti-American rhetoric towards groups they disagree with, and the racism is coming to New Mexico.

On March 7, ProgressNow New Mexico published a slanderous article by Rachael Lorenzo, the group’s digital engagement & political coordinator, which branded Elisa Martinez, the executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life, a “white supremacist” for testifying for a bill which would provide commonsense late-term abortion protections in New Mexico.…

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