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New Mexico’s Long, Hard Fight Ahead

All too often, human nature gets the best of us, as we look to the future and see uncertainty. Uncertainty for our families, uncertainty for our communities, uncertainty for our government, and uncertainty for our state. At this current time, New Mexico is at a crossroads between radical progressive extremism and salvaging what we can from this seemingly sinking ship.…

New Mexicans Aren’t Good Enough for Michelle

I’d hate to say, “I told you so,” about the Lujan Grisham Administration, since I earnestly want our state to grow, prosper, and move forward with any governor in office, but it seems the predictions I made two days after the November election are already coming true, and it’s going to damage our state for decades.…

Columbus Day renaming would instead honor cannibals

I am an unapologetic and loyal friend of the Native American people in our great nation. Without them, Americans would not have many of the luxuries we enjoy today. Countless Native people have given their lives and service to the United States by fighting in World War I and II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and Iraq.

Martinez Washes Hands Clean of Trump in Cleveland

CLEVELAND – Electricity filled the room as each state announced their delegate choices for President of the United States. The camera panned across the screen, and it was time for New Mexico’s choice of who they selected as President. At the microphone stood Governor Susana Martinez, with a young Republican from Santa Fe County; Sam LeDoux.

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