ProgressNow NM calls pro-lifers ‘white supremacists’

Empowered by the callous anti-Semitic statements made by Rep. Ihlan Omar, leftists are spewing hateful, anti-American rhetoric towards groups they disagree with, and the racism is coming to New Mexico.

On March 7, ProgressNow New Mexico published a slanderous article by Rachael Lorenzo, the group’s digital engagement & political coordinator, which branded Elisa Martinez, the executive director of New Mexico Alliance for Life, a “white supremacist” for testifying for a bill which would provide commonsense late-term abortion protections in New Mexico.…

New Mexicans Aren’t Good Enough for Michelle

I’d hate to say, “I told you so,” about the Lujan Grisham Administration, since I earnestly want our state to grow, prosper, and move forward with any governor in office, but it seems the predictions I made two days after the November election are already coming true, and it’s going to damage our state for decades.…

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