NM’s US Reps. betray constituents — vote to impeach Trump

Today, all three of New Mexico’s U.S. House members voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump for “abuse of power” and “obstruction of Congress” despite not a shred of proof other than D.C. insiders’ “feelings” and wishes to impeach Trump at all costs.

New Mexico’s sad excuse for a delegation of ‘representatives’ in the U.S. House is putting selfish political games and bitter hatred for President Trump above the people of New Mexico and their Constitutionally-mandated responsibilities by voting in favor of impeachment. I especially condemn Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, who has desperately clung to a ‘moderate’ facade while voting against her party a meager 5.8% of the time.

Voting 94% with the Democrat Party and for impeachment is NOT what bipartisanship looks like in any way, shape or form. We knew full well Ben Ray Luján and Deb Haaland were radical left-wing extremists when they were elected to Congress, but in CD-02, voters were promised a representative with an ‘open mind,’ who will ‘work together’ with constituents and Republican members of Congress to solve problems, despite party politics.

But Torres Small’s refusal to look at the blatantly clear facts proving without a doubt that President Trump did nothing impeachable, her support for radical measures such as universal background checks on firearms, the ‘Equality Act,’ which rips away Constitutionally-protected free speech, and her refusal to protect children who are born alive after unsuccessful abortions prove that she is in no way working for the people of New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District.

New Mexico’s pathetic delegation in Washington should focus on issues New Mexicans truly care about, such as keeping good-paying energy jobs in New Mexico, passing infrastructure legislation, and working with President Trump to finalize the critical USMCA trade agreement, which just now, after a year of waiting, may finally reach the House floor. Shame on Reps. Deb Haaland, Ben Ray Luján, and Xochitl Torres Small, who are all working for themselves and their political futures, not for the people of the great state of New Mexico.

6 thoughts on “NM’s US Reps. betray constituents — vote to impeach Trump”

  1. Im voting Trump in 2020 this Bitches trying to impeach shouldnt be in our goverment they all need to be impeached …He is making America great again bout time someone stands up for the amercian people this is bullshit get back to our america and stop letying ppl in our country we have to work hard for what and who we believe in ….come on Trump go bk to work we live what ur doing

  2. These people are no better than pond scum and their constituents better start looking at them with skepticism because if they allow Trump to be rail roaded, lie about, given no due process or representation, what does that mean for the every day Joe like us living our lives until these people want to take our property, our lives and enslave us without any form of due process or even following the Constitution and the Bill of Rights… This isn’t so much about Trump as about us and what we would lose if they took power… Our Rights, our God Given Rights…

  3. People will betray them as being traitors. It is one thing if they had substancial grounds to impeach. All we saw were prefabricated lies, and bullying, by a tyrannical party that wants power returned to them. This was a kangaroo court. These 3 should be ashamed of themselves. It was either hate or bribes that made them jump ship. Well, actually so many scenarios could apply. They wanted to tarnish their opponent because of his popularity and they admitted they thought they would lose again in 2020. They do not want him to be able to do his job effectively. They have repeatedly thrown the country under the bus for their own selfish motives. They are a true picture of corrupt government.

  4. NO!! This whole “impeachment trial” is a JOKE! I can’t believe the American people stand by and watch this travesty!! Hatred of a successful president is more than the Democrats can live with. The Democrats are FOOLS! And Pelosi is backed up against the wall. What next Pelosi?????

  5. We need to vote these people out. It’s lining their pockets. What have they done for us? Nothing. We want individuals who will work for us. Have you noticed the councilors, and the reps in Santa Fe are not giving the people the option to vote. They are sticking it down our throats.

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