New poll shows Rep. Xochitl Torres Small is ‘in trouble’

It’s like 2010 all over again, when Democrat one-term incumbent Rep. Harry Teague was blown away in 2010 by Steve Pearce, who reclaimed the 2nd Congressional District for Republicans in a massive 10.8% margin of victory.

Teague was left dying on the battlefield of 2010’s landmark election from multiple self-inflicted bullet wounds, something sure to repeat itself with current Rep. Xochitl Torres Small. Teague lost $40 million dollars in his oil business and the election for his costly vote with Nancy Pelosi in support of the fictitious “climate change” conspiracy theory.

Similar events are sure to play out for Rep. Torres Small, as she voted for Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House, voted for universal background checks, refused to sign onto a bill banning infanticide, supports asylum for criminal aliens, and is on-board with massive government involvement supporting the climate change hoax.

As prophesied by Teague’s crippling defeat in 2010 for embracing these extremist policy positions, Rep. Xochitl Torres Small seems not to have learned, and at every town hall, she gets to talk to voters, she speaks with banality, and answers questions with the canned “let’s work together to fix ___,” without ever giving a solution.

I confronted Torres Small on why she refuses to support a bill that gives basic health care to babies born alive after botched abortions, and like clockwork, she repeated the same tired talking points, and refused that the issue existed, despite my presentation of facts on the contrary. She does not seem interested in hearing the voters of the district, and it shows in the way she speaks with voters — especially ones like me, who approached her with a very fact-based and measured approach.

A new CLF poll shows Torres Small in trouble, with just 33% of Independents willing to vote for her, and a lead of just 3% over an unnamed GOP challenger, which is in the margin of error, a virtual tie. TargetPoint pollster Michael Meyers noted that Torres Small “is in trouble.”

Among the 13% of undecided voters, 36% said they preferred giving “someone else a chance” over reelecting Torres Small. Just 9% of undecided voters said they’d prefer to reelect her.

Rep. Xochitl Torres Small’s boat is sinking fast, and it makes sense, given her radical positions on multiple issues, her refusal to honestly answer constitutents’ questions, and the massive precedent left by Rep. Harry Teague, who was arguably more right-wing than her on many issues.

3 thoughts on “New poll shows Rep. Xochitl Torres Small is ‘in trouble’”

  1. The big question of the day is how did she get elected in the first place knowing of the past with Harry Teague in this district. Did the people of this part of the state not learn a lesson from the past?
    Can we fix “Stupid”?

  2. It’s truly sad that the money that’s put in there pockets do a better job that they do. The governor sucks as well. We need to get people in there that love doing there jobs and serving NM. I have registered to vote for the first time ever cause in sick of the demand that are ruining out country

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