Abortion up-to-birth, enviro groups, Pelosi shell out thousands for Xochitl

According to Rep. Xochitl Torres Small’s third-quarter Federal Election Commission report, it appears the freshman congresswoman’s campaign was bolstered by a slew of outside funding from radical environmental groups, abortion up-to-birth organizations, and even Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s re-election committee.

Out-of-state individual contributors for Torres Small added up to well over $286,000, double that of in-state donors, only totaling up to around $131,000. The average contribution for in-state donors was $217.52 and $692.66 for out-of-state individual contributors.

Abortion up-to-birth group EMILY’s List, which discriminates against funding any male candidates for office, gave Torres Small $8,300 in conduit contributions, and militant abortion up-to-birth group NARAL contributed $500. Radical environmental groups Environment America Voter Action and League of Conservation Voters, both of which have endorsed the Green New Deal, gave Torres Small $594.16 and $1,000, respectively.

Multiple Democrat congressional campaigns donated to Torres Small’s campaign, but most notably was a $2,000 donation from Speaker Pelosi’s personal campaign committee.

In total, Torres Small raked in a hefty $556,453 in campaign contributions this quarter, but as stated previously, only $131,595.60 came from individual donors in-state.

Another statistic to note is the large donations from DC consultants, attorneys, and California film executives, such as eight different lawyers at the DC law firm Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, totaling $3,000.

Individual contributions from people who designated their profession as “Attorney” alone, not even including other terms such as “Counsel” or “Senior Counsel” totaled $21,730. Individual contributions from people designating they work in “Government Affairs” and “Government Relations” totaled over $11,250.

As we saw with Rep. Torres Small’s last FEC filing in July, she raked in nearly $31,000 from abortion up-to-birth groups, $2,000 each from Reps. Adam Schiff, Ted Lieu, and Minority Whip Steney Hoyer, many of them being far-left members of the House.

Another notable contribution last filing cycle was a $1,000 contribution from Torres Small’s husband’s campaign for New Mexico state representative, which may not be illegal, but is a conflict of interest between the political couple.

2 thoughts on “Abortion up-to-birth, enviro groups, Pelosi shell out thousands for Xochitl”

  1. “In total, Torres Small raked in a hefty $556,453 in total campaign contributions, but as stated previously, only $131,595.60 came from individual donors in-state. ”

    Based on those numbers, it appears Torres Small’s re-election is more important to non-New Mexicans than voters in her district. She has become another toadie for leftist Democrats.

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