DWS Resigns, Brown’s Mom to Speak at DNC, Malik Obama Endorses Donald Trump

This week, it was announced that Michael Brown, the young man who mauled a cop and tried to steal his gun in August of 2014’s mother will be speaking at the Democratic National Convention this next week. The news of the race-baiting woman, who is an avid proponent of the hate group, Black Lives Matter has yet to break as a major story in the corporate media, except for Pastor Burns’ interview on Fox News after his RNC speech mentioning it.…

Republican Convention Opens with Excitement

CLEVELAND – Monday at the 2016 Republican Convention, it was difficult to find a dull moment. As the rules committee attempted the adoption of the party platform, the “Never Trumpers” were at it again, desperate in every attempt to dismantle the overwhelming support for Donald J.

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