Help John Get on the Ballot!

Sign John's Nominating Petition

If you are a registered Republican who lives in the 51st District in Alamogordo, help John get on the ballot by signing his nominating petition! 

Step 1: Print and Sign

Print the nominating petition. Sign it in the appropriate fields marked, which include your signature, your printed name, the address where you are registered, and the city and zip code of that address. 

Step 2: Mail it

Now that you have signed John’s petition, place it in an envelope, stamp it, and mail it to the following: 

ATTN: John For New Mexico

1111 Tenth Street, #402, Alamogordo, NM 88310

And you're Done!

Thank you so much for helping John get on the ballot to take back our district by sending an America-First Republican fighter to the Roundhouse!

PETITION: Demand MLG RESIGN or be impeached

Dear Legislator,

Dear Governor:

You violated your oath to uphold the Constitution by taking away our rights as citizens to exercise our Second Amendment rights via your lawless executive orders. Your attacks on our rights and your oath, claiming they are not “absolute,” warrant your removal from office.

Therefore, I request you resign immediately from the position of New Mexico governor due these illegal and impeachable actions.


%%your signature%%

6 signatures

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