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A native New Mexican, John has a close affinity with our land, our water, and the sacred values our hard-working people have lived by for generations. Through his commitment to conserving our Southern New Mexico identity, John has worked to return representation to our community and improve our state for generations to come.

Coming from humble beginnings, John watched his parents work long hours to put food on the table, his mother an elementary school teacher and his father helping folks with disabilities find guardians.

Although his family lived by simple means, John learned that through hard work, a closeness to God, and earning an education, he could help his community. Throughout high school and college, John worked various service jobs, from bussing tables and volunteering at a community farm, to checking in guests at a hotel front desk. 

The service industry gave John an avenue to pay his way through community college. During that time, John started his activism in local politics, making thousands of calls and knocking on doors for conservative candidates.


In April 2015, John jumped on the Trump Train to help elect the future 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. 


In 2017, John was honored with the opportunity to bring a conservative voice to one of New Mexico’s two far-left U.S. Senate offices as an intern in our Nation’s Capitol. There, he learned how to navigate the Washington, D.C. Swamp while helping the people of the Land of Enchantment with constituent services.

John then worked alongside the Trump Administration, coordinating with global stakeholders in Chevron’s government affairs office, where he championed natural gas and oil as a valuable and reliable energy source for our state and our country.

Later in his career, John helped defeat radical anti-life legislation as a manager at the leading pro-life legal group, Americans United for Life. In 2019, John was integral in the defeat of the anti-life abortion up-to-birth and infanticide bill in the New Mexico Legislature. On weekends, John volunteered as a pro-life sidewalk counselor in front of Planned Parenthood, helping women access life-affirming health care options.

John then became the PAC Manager for one of President Trump’s greatest independent ally organizations, The Committee to Defend the President.

While working to help re-elect President Trump, John kept a sharp eye on New Mexico’s political landscape and informed voters on conservative news. John’s work helped expose far-left ex-Rep. Xochitl Torres Small, which helped in her 2020 defeat.

In 2020, John launched New Mexico’s leading digital conservative news source, the Piñon Post, which now reaches tens of thousands of New Mexicans across our great state. He continues to fight for our values around Alamogordo at the local APS Board, City Commission, and County Commission meetings and has stood up for the interests our community cares about.

Throughout his work, John learned how to thrive under pressure, activate communities for change, and win battles for our Constitutional freedoms. As a small business owner, John knows the value of hard work and how to make a lasting impact. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University and an M.B.A. from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales.

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