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A native New Mexican, John grew up watching his parents work long hours to put food on the table, his mother an elementary school teacher, and his father helping folks with disabilities find guardians.

Through years of bussing tables, volunteering at a community farm, and checking in guests at a hotel front desk, he worked his way through college and became active in local politics. John jumped on the Trump Train in April of 2015 to help elect the future President of the United States — Donald J. Trump.

Throughout his work, he served as a staffer at the New Mexico Legislature, at the pro-life legal group, Americans United for Life, worked alongside the Trump Administration by coordinating government affairs at Chevron, and helped defeat far-left legislation, such as an abortion up-to-birth bill in 2019 and an anti-gun proposal in 2021. 

John became the PAC Manager for one of President Trump’s largest independent ally organizations, The Committee to Defend the President. During this time, John also began reporting on New Mexico politics, which ultimately led to the creation of the Piñon Post, which has become New Mexico’s #1 conservative news site. 

Through John’s activism during the 2022 Legislative Session, he helped kill two pro-Critical Race Theory bills, three pro-election fraud bills, two anti-gun bills, multiple anti-energy bills, and more. Read about all our victories here.

He continues to fight for our Constitutional rights around Alamogordo at the local APS Board, City Commission, and County Commission meetings. He has stood up for the interests our community cares about, especially those of our active-duty Service Members, Veterans, and Law Enforcers. In 2021, his activism on behalf of our Police led to a New Mexico Law Enforcement group recognizing him for backing our brave men and women in Blue. 

John is a Christian and is unashamed about his love for the Lord. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rutgers University and an M.B.A. from Eastern New Mexico University in Portales. 

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