SOS Toulouse Oliver going after Cowboys for Trump—help them fight back!

Last year, it was reported that Cowboys for Trump, a privately-owned group that advocates for gun rights, the right to life, and a strong southern border, is being targeted by New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who claims the group can’t organize without registering as a political action committee.

The attempt by Toulouse Oliver apparently seeks to unveil Cowboys for Trump’s private donors who have bought merchandise on their store website and given money to the group. It also would require the group to file routine financial reports in April and October of each year.

Toulouse Oliver now claims Cowboys for Trump owes the Secretary of State $7,800 for not filing the reports. Cowboys for Trump is currently looking to go to arbitration with the Secretary of State’s office to fight the decision.

“We have the fight, we have the stamina, we have the vision but need you to join this fight with us with your financial support,” said Couy Griffin, founder of Cowboys for Trump.

He said in a subsequent Facebook post, “We have absolutely nothing to hide. And when the truth… comes out their case will crumble, C4T will prevail, and The People will win!!!”

Help Couy Griffin and Cowboys for Trump with their fight against Maggie Toulouse Oliver by chipping in whatever you can afford to their GoFundMe page. Your financial assistance will help C4T with their legal fees to stand up to the Santa Fe swamp.


5 thoughts on “SOS Toulouse Oliver going after Cowboys for Trump—help them fight back!”

  1. I am so tired of Democrats’ rabid hatred for Trump at both the state and federal levels. I wager many more people feel just as I do. We need even more #walkaway Democrats joining our ranks.

    1. Believe me Steve, many more Democrats are leaving the party after Pelosi’s antics after the SOTU. Thank you Pelosi & Democrats for ensuring a 2020 Trump Landslide. Lol.

  2. Is this just more leftist loser lawfare to destroy any and all conservative groups or a legitimate complaint? Their name does seem to indicate the organization would qualify as a PAC.

    The FEC does publish a book on their regulations for PACs and the state has another set of rules. It is wise to know them, confusing as they are. The most important member of a PAC is the treasurer as they are the ones held accountable for records.

    As a reminder to everyone, it is prudent to know the rules and follow them. NM is notorious for its lazy, casual approach to doing things the right way. That does not hurt the Democrats, but it leaves the door wide open for such litigation against conservatives.

  3. Darnit. I wish i had donated much more to Cowboys For Trump so that Maggie Soros Oliver could read my donor name first! I want the world to know that I donate ONLY to pro-gun, pro-patriotic, pro-Trump, pro-conservative groups. Please,, CFT make sure that Soros’ Secretary of NM State sees my name on your donor list. I think it was only $25 because I’m retired. But I’ll donate more with my next pension check. Robyn Schmalz

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